Having seen the recorded music industry destroyed by Internet technologies, the owners of video content are not taking the current onslaught laying down. Multiple organizations in addition to ACE, are working on technical and policy solutions to stop the big core of the problem, which is the aggregators of stolen content. Those include CAOVP, the IPTV Task Force, CASBAA and others; law enforcement is stepping up, and governments are starting to allow more aggressive responses to the pirates.

Why this matters: This is a very difficult problem, and the battle will be fought on many fronts — but copyright holders are becoming more effective with countermeasures every day.

And that ends this compilation of Tech Trends, here on the cusp of the end of 2018. Thanks for sticking with it all the way to the end! May your tech-talk be scintillating, informed, and fun … and your online piracy conversations informed and provocative.

CTAM Role: CTAM has launched an initiative to address piracy with focused efforts on business, consumer and marketplace/competition opportunities. We will partner with the video entertainment industry (e.g. cable companies, content providers, studios and associated organizations) to create alignment and build collaboration where possible, and to drive collective impact to mitigate content piracy. The initial work on a targeted, multifaceted strategic communications plan has begun.