Project Description

i.e. Network

Areas of Expertise:

Digital Marketing and Communications Consultancy | Audience Intelligence | Content Strategies | Storytelling


Meet the Informed Engagement Network (IEN): A digital marketing and communications consultancy.

We help clients solve business challenges through a disciplined process. It includes data-driven audience intelligence, informed content strategies, and expert storytelling.

But our approach sets us apart.

We tap the inherent talent of journalists and digital experts for critical thinking, unbiased views, and the ability to craft content that furthers audience knowledge, changes behavior, or influences opinion.

We are… Journalists, Investigators, Strategists, Producers, Thinkers, Doers

Our success is proven though our collaborations with CTAM. Together we’re reaching consumers with trust-worthy content to help them make smart choices about  cord-cutting, streaming, broadband and piracy. See CTAM cord-cutting case and learn more here.

Key Contact Information
Anne Cowan
Communications Strategist, i.e. network | 703.395.5247