Project Description

Lexis Nexis

Areas of Expertise:

Data-Driven Intelligence | Customer Acquisition | Customer Base | Risk Management |
Operation Efficiencies | Customer Experience

Corporations have multiple, often competing goals to meet: Grow the business, protect the base, and optimize operating costs. In tandem, fail fast and regroup, reduce risk and execute within compliance.  LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps companies manage these levers efficiently while maintaining security, privacy and harmonious relationships.

We guide enterprises with their corporate initiatives — through sound, data-driven intelligence across multiple solutions to help companies attract new customers while mitigating risk (e.g. fraud and identity management, credit assessment) and manage financial crime compliance across their customer/vendor base. We help businesses of all sizes grow while maximizing operational efficiencies, making the customer experience more frictionless and welcoming.

Key Contact Information 
Pete Salcido
Director of Sales, LexisNexis | 817.371.7701