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Alexandra Sewell 
Jennifer Ingram
Business Services Council Chair
Vice President, SMB Marketing
Charter Communications

CTAM Business Services 2019 Kick-Off Meeting

Keynote Session

Ken Kraft 
Keynote: Greg King
SVP, Product, Marketing and Strategy
Spectrum Enterprise


SMB Panel

Ken Kraft 
Moderator: Stewart Schley  
Stewart Schley Content
Alexandra Sewell 
Jennifer Ingram
Vice President, SMB Marketing
Charter Communications​
Ken Kraft 
Robert McFarland
Executive Director, SMB Marketing Strategy
Cox Communications 
Alexandra Sewell 
Brett Tolbert
Vice President of SMB Marketing
Comcast Business​


Smart Cities Panel

Ken Kraft 
Moderator: Don Dulchinos  
Smart Home and Away
Alexandra Sewell 
Suresh Madhavan
Sr. Director, MachineQ Business Development
MachineQ, Comcast
Ken Kraft 
Christian Nascimento
Vice President, Product & Premise Services

​Business Services White Papers

Smart Cities: Trends to Watch from the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

Watch the entire CTAM Wired: CES Highlights 2019 Webcast here​


Smart Cities: Delivering Advantages for the Smart City​

1Q 2019

Through a simplified look at the four technical architecture layers of a smart city, this in-depth analysis portrays how cable service providers offer unique advantages to Smart City development, as well as business examples for the delivery of Smart City solutions.


Smart Cities: Delivering Advantages For The Smart City​

Smart Cities: The Technology Promise of the Smart City

4Q 2018

As city department heads and elected officials explore the requirements for emerging smart cities, discover the necessary framework of the technological architecture, so your company can prepare to meet these requirements.


Smart Cities: Outlining the Opportunity

3Q 2018

Smart cities aren’t the way of the future, but are here today. Discover how these cities tap into connectivity, intelligence and interactivity to support and service the new urban challenges and opportunities for the 21st century.

Smart Cities: Outlining The Opportunity White Paper 

Watch The State of Smart Cities webcast here​

Education at the Speed of Fiber

2Q 2018

Across the U.S., cable companies are helping educators modernize the digital learning experience – megabit-by-megabit.​


White Paper: Cable’s K-12 Education Efforts

Cable’s Rising Fiber Capabilities Transform Business Communications

1Q 2018

Hundreds of thousands of route miles and a diverse array of empowered customers are signs of a transformation in the way U.S. businesses connect.

White Paper: Cable’s Fiber-Forward March


CTAM Business Services Council End-of-Year Webcast

November 9, 2018

   Keynote Session

Ken Kraft 
Mark Winther
Group Vice President & Consulting Partner, Worldwide Telecommunications

Smart Cities Panel​

Ken Kraft 
Moderator: Don Dulchinos  
Dulchinet Global
Alexandra Sewell 
Satya Parimi 
Group VP, Data Products 
Spectrum Enterprise​
Alexandra Sewell 
Joshua Sommer
Executive Director New Growth Strategy 
Cox Communications
Watch the Webcast Here

CTAM Business Services Council Kick-off Meeting

April 4, 2018

Key Take-Aways: The Enterprise Market

  • Cable is a broadband business with residential broadband, business services, and wireless as the key drivers of future growth.
  • While cable has done well in the SMB space, growth is tapping out with medium businesses and enterprise, as the next growth opportunities.
  • The value proposition of superior local assets and national service is a unique attribute for cable that telcos can’t do.
  • Enterprise customers are more demanding, requiring solutions with partners, such as cloud providers and IT companies, so it’s critical for cable to partner in order to create national coverage and enhance their product suite.
  • About 20% of wireless customers are on business accounts, so wireless could be an important tool to add to enterprise products over the next several years.
  • When selling to enterprise customers, there is a huge fundamental shift in the sales DNA approach. You can no longer work in silos, as it’s necessary to integrate your sales and customer services teams, as well as subject matter experts in order to enhance the client engagement and expected demands.
  • CIO’s worry about creating the right customer experience to deliver a really good brand experience.
  • While it’s more difficult for marketers, it’s critical with enterprise customers to translate technology and service features into benefits for their business that help companies serve their customers better and drive more revenue.
  • Quick service restaurant app experiences, stadiums, and smart cities are exciting enterprise, vertical opportunities for cable currently and in the future.

Harvard Business School Case Study – Selling to Enterprise Customers

Ken Kraft  
Das Narayandas 
Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration 
Harvard Business School

Executive Perspectives: The New National Landscape of Cable Business Services

Ken Kraft  
Denice Hasty
SVP, Marketing and Customer Experience, Marketing
Alexandra Sewell 
Ken Kraft
SVP, Marketing and Sales Operations
Cox Business
Ken Kraft  
Moderator: Stewart Schley
Stewart Schley Content, LLC​

Enterprise: The Next Opportunity for Cable

Ken Kraft  
Spencer Kurn 
New Street Research

Digital Marketing Trends – Cablebusinessconnect.com

Ken Kraft  
Chris Dittmore 
Vice President 
Goodway Group


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