2016 AVC Year-End Meeting


Key Takeaways:

  • From “Content is King” to “Live Video Rules”Consumers are demanding more interesting and exciting content and that content may as well be live. The 2016 NBC Olympics at Rio provided live streams of over 6,000 hours of sports events.  Marketers try to follow suit, providing snaps of digital content from YouTube to facebook to engage viewers in “anything-can-happen” events that bring their brands to life.
  • The proliferation of brand choices and advertising over-load have led consumers to push back in new ways. Our markets are evolving where in the future, algorithms will manage contextual representations to interpretations and information processing.  Consumers are not only allowing smart devices to help make decisions, but handing off the decision.
  • TV Everywhere offers an opportunity to create value among users.
    The most important drivers of TVE are making it simple and stress-free with a familiar process to help viewers catch up on THEIR shows, current and past episodes. Putting the consumer in control – at no extra cost – helps create excellent value.

A Behind the Scenes Recap of the Summer Olympics

Tammy Franklin  


Matt Strauss
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Video Services
Comcast Cable


Gary Zenkel
President, NBC Olympics

The TVE Landscape

Tammy Franklin  


Peter Fondulas
Hub Entertainment Research, LLC

Future of Content Consumption

Tammy Franklin  


J. Walker Smith
Executive Chairman
Kantar Futures