2017 APC Kickoff Meeting


The Age Of The Connected Consumer:

  • Consumers are in a state of hyper-adoption, walking in and out of new experiences, services and devices faster than ever before.
  • Connected relationships are growing thanks to more connected devices, a data explosion these devices are creating, and category-disrupting innovation.
  • Companies that can create emotional, frequent and convenient connections with consumers will build a new kind of power.
  • It’s all about partnering promiscuously to create that connected consumer ecosystem with cable at the epicenter.
  • It’s not just about providing a solution, but giving customers an experience and being there for them during their entire customer journey.
  • Streaming is the future of pay-TV, creating an opportunity for cable to grow their share and expand their reach by providing an additional value/outlet to current subscribers.
  • It’s easy to say what a person wants, but to take that to scale and create emotional resonance on a broader level is the challenge for cable. That’s where a collaborative input and effort is critical.



James McQuivey, Ph.D.
Vice President, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research


Consumer Connections​


Andrew Ferrone


Chris Satchell
EVP and Chief Product Officer

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