2017 APC Mid-Year Meeting


2017 APC Mid-Year Meeting Key Takeaways

  • While credential sharing among certain demographics, including college Millennials, may not prevent subscription sign up, it represents sampling without the opportunity to upsell.
  • For credential sharing, “before we kick them out, first, sign them out”, and employ risk-based authentication, such as requiring two-factor authentication on riskier accounts.
  • There is a cautious balance between preventing fraud and driving consumers away stressing the importance of understanding fraud patterns and best practices for mitigating abuse.
  • Metadata impacts on the user experience can limit discoverability, hinder the ability to find specific shows, and ultimate lead to lost viewers and lost ad revenues.
  • The goal with metadata is to provide consistency and a UI navigation model to associate and display content in an intuitive manner.
  • It’s important to establish best practices for branding content in order to create less frustration in search and discovery among consumers, as well as create a stronger connection between the network and branded content.​

Richard Shirley
VP, Distribution Business Development
A+E Networks

Matt Strauss
EVP and GM, Video Services

Angie Britt
SVP, Advanced Products

Ken Leonardo
VP, Marketing