2017 APC Year-End Meeting


2017 APC End-Of-Year Meeting Key Takeaways

November 14, 2017

  • TV Everywhere use is increasing signicantly, but as a result, it’s also becoming more of an expectation (table-stakes) with pay-TV service.
  • Early, connected consumer adopters have created customized, creative and unique IoT solutions and are looking for connected devices to move from the “Internet of Things” to the “Internet of Intelligence” in the future.
  • A provider who is first to successfully enable consumer smart solutions will earn their trust; the best enabler will win.
  • Despite live TV viewing hours declining, total TV viewing hours are still rising steadily, with MVPDs providing over two-thirds (68%) share of TV viewing whether it’s live, DVR or VOD.
  • Convenience, increased frequency, and deeper emotion are three dynamics required to make your brand sticky and create loyalty among customers / viewers.
  • Looking to the future of advertising, it’s important to leverage the forces of change, challenge entrenched mental models, utilize an all touchpoint value creation model, and update and expand mindsets and capabilities to best reach and interact with consumers.​

CTAM TV Everywhere Tracking Study Updates

Peter Fondulas
Hub Entertainment Research

The CTAM Connected Consumer Study: Findings and Insights

Maryann Baldwin
VP Magid Media Futures
Frank N. Magid Associates

Elizabeth Clinard
Director, Qualitative Research
Frank N. Magid Associates

Jennie Finerty
Director, Qualitative Research
Frank N. Magid Associates​



Forces in Disruption: What’s Next in OTT Distribution?

Sherry Brennan
SVP, Distribution
Fox Networks

James McQuivey
VP, Principal Analyst


The Road Ahead: Lessons from the Wharton Future of Advertising Program​

Jerry Wind
The Lauder Professor Emeritus, Professor of Marketing
The Wharton School