8 Trends Shaping the OTT Space


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There’s never been a more exciting – or a more complicated – time to be in the television business.  With new virtual MVPDs (vMPVDs) and even social media players like Facebook and Twitter entering the already-crowded over-the-top space, understanding the changing OTT market has never been more important.
Trend #2 of 8– Streaming and Mobile Viewing Are Not Synonyms
Early on, the term “streaming” was often conflated with laptop, tablet, or mobile viewing, especially for millennial and multicultural audiences. Multiple research studies and articles claimed that millennials preferred watching on small screens rather than big ones. This flawed logic is a perfect example of what happens when correlation is confused with causation.  Millennials and other audiences enjoyed the benefits of streaming—being able to watch wherever and whenever they wanted instead of being tied to a TV schedule—and put up with a smaller screen because that’s where they could stream.

Discover more about trend #2, and the additional key trends crucial to understanding how this market is evolving.

  • What devices are consumers using to stream? Is it really all about mobile?
  • Who are the best customers for content and services?
  • Where are viewers streaming?
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