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CTAM’s Advanced Products Council collaboratively explores current and next generation video services that member companies can leverage to enhance the consumer experience, impact business growth, and increase the value of the pay subscription model.​

Gary Shanman
Gary Schanman 
Advanced Products Council Co-Chair 
Senior Vice President, Video Products   
Charter Communications 

2017 AVC Kick-off Meeting Key Takeaways

The Age of the Connected Consumer:

  • Consumers are in a state of hyper-adoption, walking in and out of new experiences, services and devices faster than ever before.
  • Connected relationships are growing thanks to more connected devices, a data explosion these devices are creating, and category-disrupting innovation.
  • Companies that can create emotional, frequent and convenient connections with consumers will build a new kind of power.
  • It’s all about partnering promiscuously to create that connected consumer ecosystem with cable at the epicenter.
  • It’s not just about providing a solution, but giving customers an experience and being there for them during their entire customer journey.
  • Streaming is the future of pay-TV, creating an opportunity for cable to grow their share and expand their reach by providing an additional value/outlet to current subscribers.
  • It’s easy to say what a person wants, but to take that to scale and create emotional resonance on a broader level is the challenge for cable. That’s where a collaborative input and effort is critical.



James McQuivey, Ph.D.
Vice President, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research


Consumer Connections​


Andrew Ferrone


Chris Satchell
EVP and Chief Product Officer

Resources and Use Cases

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