Customer Growth Playbook

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An evergreen resource and repository of case studies, best practices and research compiled by 30 retention and acquisition marketers from U.S. and Canadian MSOs.  The Playbook is updated each year with the latest data and lessons learned.  It includes 49 examples of MSOs doing something different or new as a result of the CTAM Marketing & Sales Council’s efforts. 
Now Available – A Wikipedia-like version of the Playbook that is searchable and user-friendly
Limited MSO access available. To request access or for more information, please contact info@ctam.com ​​
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 Contributing MSOs
MSO member companies can request more information on the CTAM Customer Growth Council Playbook by contacting Linda LaVigne at linda@ctam.com.

CTAM Marketing & Sales Council

Comprised of the acquisition and retention leads from the major MSOs, the council is working on the following customer-centric, board directed projects:

  • Customer Experience:  Determine gaps between product performance and customer experience vs. customer perception. 

  • Broadband Marketing:  This team is collecting, curating and promoting best practices for positioning and messaging broadband.

  • Loyalty Programs:  Project team is examining best practices and making recommendations for implementation.