How Pay TV Providers Can Thrive in a Streaming Future


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A White-Paper Summary from CTAM member Synacor

The streaming revolution has unleashed tremendous benefits for consumers who can now enjoy video programming seamlessly delivered to the device of their choosing at virtually any time and place. Delivering that seamless
experience to consumers, however, is anything but simple. Pay TV operators have been slow to adopt streaming solutions in large part because solutions are perceived as too technically difficult.

Small MVPDs in particular struggle with the sophistication required to engineer and operate end-to-end delivery of video across a matrix of devices, platforms, and operating systems.  For streaming video solutions to work optimally, MVPDs must undergo high-resource integration with a multitude of parties.  The web of technically-complex and interdependent connections required to deliver streaming video – alongside legacy infrastructure for linear TV – is akin to re-engineering a plane in flight.
It is understandable why many pay TV providers push back against building streaming video infrastructure, but the benefits are compelling, and there is a growing body of proof points to draw from to build a bridge to the future of television.

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Architecting for a Flexible Future: A Phased Approach

Synacor recommends a foundational phased set of solutions that allow MVPDs to begin adopting affordable streaming solutions in the short term:

  • Cloud ID authentication
  • Search & Discovery
  • Watch apps
  • True OTT/TV Everywhere
This graduated approach enables pay TV providers to deploy simple, yet powerful tools quickly and affordably while creating the building blocks that will lead to a future-proof TV solutions.  Learn more about developing streaming video solutions, universal video search, and true OTT and TV Everywhere services in this white paper.  Click here to read more.  

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