Millennialization of America

Reaching the highly coveted Millennial demographic has become one of the more important challenges for the cable industry in recent years. Between the cord-cutters and looming cord-nevers, our industry must connect with the disconnected in a meaningful way—before they find other options for their content delivery. 


To better entice and engage Millennials, CTAM summarized a few points of view in three brief articles from industry research to help our industry better understand the Millennial challenges at hand, and we conducted follow-up interviews with research executives Sharalyn Orr of Frank N. Magid Associates and Kathy Alexander of Invoke, to further highlight their key takeaways surrounding this 80 million strong group.



Summary of Attitudes and Behaviors

Mobility and TV Everywhere​

Millennial Love Truth #5: Say what you want, but you’ll have to prove it to get my attention

Millennial Love Truth #7 :IF ​your brand enters my world, you better understand what you’re getting yourself into.


​Consumer Centric Resources About Millennials 




​How to Tune into Millennials Before They Tune You Out – discover the eight attitudes shared by most millennials, as well as the new rules for engaging them successfully – Watch these short clips, then view the complete webcast. 

Find out how millennials watch TV – view a recording of a live panel of millennials from the Los Angeles CTAM Think


Jason Dorsey
Chief Strategy Officer
The Center for Generational Kinetics

Get the recap from Gen Y strategist Jason Dorsey from the CTAM Think NYC event​.​