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CTAM enables business success by helping companies accomplish more together than they would alone.

CTAM Mid-Year Progress report


View this infographic summary of 2016 CTAM member-driven accomplishments to-date, in areas such as:

  • Strengthening the business model
  • TV Everywhere usage and value
  • Capturing movers and leads
  • Growing Business Services leads through serviceability portal
  • Consumer-centric innovation and insights

2016 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights

More Summary Highlights

TV Everywhere 

HDR vs. Standard Dynamic Range
UHD standard requirements now set with a focus on those 4K TVs that are ultra-high-definition (UHD) premium certified.

TV Everywhere 

Virtual Reality Content
Most virtual reality content is short form, and don’t forget, it’s best consumed alone.

TV Everywhere 

Max Stream WiFi
Dispatches 20 unique 4K streams over WiFi.

TV Everywhere 

HaLow – New to CES
A new WiFi that’s meant to be built into low-power devices and smart home gadgets to create a truly connected home.

TV Everywhere 

Kinomo – Fan Display
Very realistic holographic technology adds new dimension to video content.

TV Everywhere 

Wearable Translator
Removing language barriers for travelers as a self-contained, no Internet connection required pendant that translates speech into a second language through a speaker.

TV Everywhere 

The Sensor-ization of Everything
From home security systems to kitchen pots and pans to baby booties and fitness tracking skateboards, sensors in all shapes and sizes are being used to track, alert and improve behavior.

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TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere 

Access an industry-developed road map to make the TV Everywhere experience consistent for all users

Advanced Video


Pivoting Cable’s Focus to the Consumer

Discover how cable’s leading MSOs and programmers are building momentum by putting customers at the core of their business decisions to develop next generation video services that enhance the consumer experience.

Advanced Video Guid

CTAM's Advanced Video Guide

Un ders tand what “A ll-IP” means in plain English, and get a glossary of must-know terms.

Business Services

Business Services 

Discover what the health care community is gaining from cable’s business services