TV Everywhere is an intra-industry category name for the streaming video viewing experience provided at no additional cost to TV service provider customers, accessible through MVPD and network apps and websites.  

The term has also been adopted as the consumer brand name for the experience described above by a large group of unified independent cable companies.


About the Logo

The TV Everywhere logo may be used in the following ways:

  • As visual representation of the intra-industry category name
  • As the mark for the consumer brand experience
  • As a category reference by content providers or MSOs to support a corporate brand name for the experience, e.g., HBO Go:  A TV Everywhere Experience
The logo  was chosen by the TV Everywhere Messaging Subcommittee from among many options, and the committee's recommendation was approved by the TV Everywhere Steering Committee.
The logo was developed on a pro bono basis by Periscope, a full-spectrum impact agency with over 30 years of experience. Periscope's claim to fame is "smart, insightful ideas that aim for the heart to achieve real results."


Text Usage Guidelines

In text, TV Everywhere always appears as a proper noun in mixed case, with no quotation marks, italics, bold, or other font treatments.

The abbreviation TVE always appears in upper case in text, with no other font treatments. It should be established in the first reference within body copy of a document as: TV Everywhere (TVE), but only when it will be used repeatedly. Its use is currently limited to CTAM member communications, trade, and internal documentation only. It should not appear in consumer marketing and communications materials until further notice.

​Style Guide & Logo Files

The most popular logo files are available below for download in .eps/.ai, .jpg and .png formats. See the TVE style guide for alternative color palettes (files available upon request; please contact Cindy@ctam.com).​
Primary Logos:

Primary Gradient Logo

One-Color Logo

One-Color Logo (black)

Icon Logos: For limited use only. Refer to TVE style guide or contact CTAM.

Gradient TVe Icon
One-Color TVe Icon 

One-Color TVe Icon (black)