On Demand Genre and Show Types


Use of Cable’s On Demand offerings and services has soared over the last few years.  At CTAM, On Demand has been an area of critical focus for nearly a decade.  The Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, formerly known and founded as the On Demand Consortium, continues to drive change and enhancements to the On Demand experience.  The roll out of the new VOD Metadata 3.0 specification from CableLabs® provided the perfect opportunity for the MSOs, content providers, content aggregators and suppliers to collaborate in the On Demand Quality committee on ways to improve the usability and functionality of metadata presentation. 

This group, including the five largest MSOs, developed a business case for change that was submitted to CableLabs to be incorporated in the current 1.1 VOD specification and in the recently released VOD 3.0 specification.  The most important change requests impact the Genre field and the Show Type category (formerly the Program Type.)

  • Genre is now a required field. At least one main genre must be entered for all content.  The 3.0 specification offers more robust capabilities and will allow up to four additional sub-genre ratings to support advanced search and discovery functionality for the subscriber
  • The Show Type category (formerly called Program Type) has been expanded to include Ads, Events, Kids, Lifestyle, Movie, Music, Series and Sports

In addition to these advancements, the On Demand Quality committee is developing a Best Practices guide for submitting metadata that will be released at the CTAM Summit in October and will be included in this information when available.

Many thanks to the members of the On Demand Quality committee for their diligence and willingness to come together and collaborate on developing these important industry tools.  These guidelines and recommendations will be updated as On Demand evolves.

Click here to review the information mentioned above and to see the new and updated Genre and Show Type requirements.