Top Ten Tech Trends


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The CTAM Top Ten Tech Trends are designed to serve as a roundup of the major tech trends. 

Compiled by Leslie Ellis, Sr. Tech Advisor, CTAM​
The Setup:
The pace and breadth of change is happening in just about every technology precinct imaginable. Driving it all, still, is the inevitable, and relentlessly swift transition to Internet Protocol (IP), which is to say, Internet-enabling and cloud-connecting pretty much everything.
That transition is taking its next step deeper into the video “ecosystem,” to broadcasters and content creators. The broadcast-side lingo on this one is heavy on “ATSC 3.0,” covered below.
A big related trend is overall broadband (IP) consumption, both from the “insatiable slurpers,” like HD/4K/8K/VR video, and the “little sippers,” like the portended billions of “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT.)
Fueling it all are the Bandwidth Rainmakers, wired and wireless -- DOCSIS 3.1 and fiber-deeper on the wired side; WiFi advancements and the emergence of 5G on the wireless side.
Also in this tech trend mix: Why the reverse signal path is finally getting some respect; how the sex appeal of (operator-provided) modems and WiFi routers is on the rise, and how data scientists can rock your world with machine learning and artificial intelligence.   As always, the acronym descrambler is ON, as well as the industrial context filter.
Please enjoy this edition of CTAM’s Top 10 Tech Trends, developed and curated just for you, in no particular order:

​1.  The “IP Transition” is officially stepping deeper into the video ecosystem. On deck: Content production/distribution.
​2.  Lingo Trend: By far, the most over-used word in “IP Transition” circles is “workflow.” (For best results, use sparingly.)
​3 ATSC 3.0 is the next big thing coming from broadcasters, and they’re in heavy sales mode now.
​4.  The Capacity Rainmaker that is DOCSIS 3.1 may serendipitously align with the Connectivity Rainmaker that is RDK-B -- a pretty useful combination.​
​5. “Fiber Deep” is the cool kid of capacity expansions. Think of it as lots of node splits, all happening at once, in a methodical way.​
​6. The reverse path is finally getting some love. (It’s about time!)
​7. The sex appeal of your (operator provided) modem/WiFi spigot/gateway is about to go way up.
​8. It’s accurate to characterize mobile 5G as simultaneously everything, and nothing.
​9. Data scientists are hot, and you want them in your life.
10. Traditional supplier/operator boundaries are shifting (again). For best results, observe and adapt.​