Top Ten Tech Trends


The CTAM Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know is designed to serve as a roundup of the major tech trends in 2016. Much of it is derived from a recent meeting of the CTAM Tech Advisory group -- a hearty thanks to that dream team blend of super-smart tech, marketing and business minds.​

Compiled by Leslie Ellis, Sr. Tech Advisor, CTAM​
​​​​​​Sometimes it’s hard, in a world where “technology” is everywhere, and not contained in a particular department (Engineering and IT come to mind), to isolate the bubbling vats of innovation that actually matter. Or, as the saying goes, finding the difference between innovation, and hallucination.

For those reasons, we’ve compiled this list of 10 things that your tech-side friends register as “HOT.” Put another way, 10 topics that’ll for sure make the ears of your tech-side friends perk up, because of their potential impact -- good, bad, or (and increasingly) both.​

​1.  Technologies that make WiFi better, smarter, and able to carry multiple channels of video with ease.
​2.  Machine data, to fuel the analytics that make for better customer experiences.
​3 Low-Power WANs, like LoRA and NB-IoT, to move low bandwidth traffic, like that of the Internet of Things, over long distances (50+ miles).
​4.  DOCSIS 3.1 “FDX,” to get to two-way Gigabit speeds.
​5. Chatbots, to quickly and easily communicate with customers.
​6. General Processing Unit (GPU) chips: They’re not just for VR and 3D anymore.
​7. ​“APSIS”, which does for infrastructure what “EnergyStar” does for in-home electronics.
​8. The Reference Design Kit, or RDK, as the “platform behind the platform” of the popular UIs in market from Comcast, Cox, Liberty Global, Shaw, and a growing roster of international operators.
​9. Bitcoin and Blockchain techniques for “digital currency” and beyond.
10. The (dire!) need for organizations to pursue a “data culture.”​


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