CTAM is unifying the industry around what is considered permitted and unpermitted password use, including reducing egregious password sharing activity.


Build industry consensus and improve consumer awareness and understanding about password sharing to:

  • Align the industry and educate consumers about permitted and unpermitted sharing
  • Monitor trends from Adobe Primetime’s monthly landscape view of the Password Sharing Index
  • Ultimately, reduce password sharing among consumers

Password Sharing Media Coverage

A collection of nationally published stories covering perpetrators getting caught, megaleaks of records and the top seven reasons to not share passwords.

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Password Sharing Index Monthly Report

Adobe Primetime’s monthly landscape view of the Password Sharing Index

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CTAM Top 10 Piracy Tech Trends:
Online Video Piracy

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Working Group Presentations and Materials

Topics and Resources:

  • Industry permitted and unpermitted use case scenarios
  • Password sharing messaging pillars
  • Creating unified industry consumer messages
  • Working group meeting recaps and key take-aways
  • Next steps

June 6 | NYC – Presentations

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Piracy Social Listening
  • State of piracy conversations across channels like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter
  • Breakdown of top stories and most share pieces of content
  • Key insights on May trending topics
  • An analysis of people talking about Piracy and who the influencers are
  • A deep dive into the sports-piracy discussion and consumer behavior
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Password Sharing Risk Assessment
  • Overview of the industry password sharing risk index (industry baseline)
  • Customized views of this index, specific to individual programmers and MVPDs
  • TV Everywhere usage patterns used to identify password sharing behaviors
  • Risk index available to CTAM member companies this fall
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Gracenote Advanced Discovery (Gracenote, a Nielsen Company)
  • Video descriptors and personalized images built on the core Gracenote video data
  • Powering next generation discovery experiences
  • Allowing audiences to more easily find and watch content they love
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Permitted / Unpermitted Use – The Impact on TV Subscriptions
  • Consumer insights on three vexing scenarios for defining what the industry considers permitted or unpermitted use of TVE passwords in and out of home
  • Results from 1,600 consumers in a recent study and the impact on their TV subscriptions
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March 14, 2019 | Philadelphia – Presentations

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Permitted and Unpermitted Credential Sharing
  • Discussion of permitted and unpermitted credential sharing
  • Creating unified industry messages
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Piracy = Content + Distribution Strategy
  • Piracy segment groups
  • Who to target?
  • Themes and next steps…etc.
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The CTAM Piracy and Password Sharing Working Group convenes key leaders from ACE and MPAA as well as CTAM member companies.

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