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CTAM Wired Webcast: How to Engage Millennials with Direct Mail (Yes, really)

Explore how despite being digital natives, discover proven case studies and strategies that show Millennials respond to relevant direct mail that’s well-designed and interactive more than any other age group

Topics include:
  • 6 best practices to attracting Millennials with direct mail
  • Targeted insights for marketing of telecom products and services to this segment
  • Data-driven considerations showing the value in direct mail to Millennials
  • Compare and contrast of B2C and B2B strategies
  • Breakdown of direct mail ROI compared to channels like social, email, and display advertising
  • Findings and statistics from recent research and proven case studies

Ellie Brady
VP Account Management & Strategy
Eclipse Marketing Services


Debbie Dawson
Senior Account Director
Eclipse Marketing Services  

10 Fast Facts about Millenials and Direct Mail (click to view PDF)

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CTAM Wired Webcast - complimentary for members
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