2017 Business Services Council Meetings and Recaps

CTAM Business Services Council End-Of-Year Meeting

November 8, 2017

Key Take-Aways:

  • While telcos have dominated the enterprise market share, there is a tremendous opportunity for cable with an estimated $16B in the enterprise market and $12B in medium-sized business market. Cable can excel by elevating partnerships across MSOs and providing complex networking solutions such as cloud services and managed services.
  • The wireless business provides another opportunity for cable, as about 80% of traffic is carried over cable network. If cable can shift an additional 5% of traffic over extensive Wi-Fi network and move voice and text to IP, it can have a cost structure 10% lower than that of wireless companies.
  • Account-based marketing is not a tactic or campaign, but a strategic approach that aligns demand creation programs and messaging in a way that is relevant and valuable to accounts. It’s a discipline that results in tighter organizational alignment, better targeting, and reports of nearly half reporting more than 30% improvement.
  • Work, with the workplace and workers, will all be transformed in the enterprise of tomorrow. The future worker and workspace is not a monolith, but is highly fragmented and diverse providing cable an opportunity to provide complex technology solutions for the workers of today and tomorrow.
  • There is a constant theme that the role of Millennials as decision makers in SMB is creating a need to engage and to learn, making them more powerful than we give them credit for.
  • It is key to improve customer experience digitally both on the sales side and on the tools for self-care.
  • The cable and media industries are in a midst of digital transformation ourselves, so digital transformation must be mirrored internally.

Enterprise Market Transformation


Spencer Kurn
New Street Research



B2B Marketing Spotlight – Account Based Marketing: B-to-B Trends and Best Practices

2017 State of ABM Study Findings​


Kristin Farwell
Marketing Consultant


The Enterprise of Tomorrow – The Trends Which Matter for Service Providers

Hillel Geiger
Product Marketing, Enterprise Businesses



Evan Kirchheimer
Research Director


B2B Marketing Spotlight – Digital Marketing Trends – Cablebusiness connect.com


Chris Dittmore
Goodway Group


Enterprise Cable Leadership – Coffee Chat

Ken Kraft
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations 

Cox Business​

Alexandra Sewell
VP Enterprise Marketing
Comcast Business

Moderator: Stewart Schley
Stewart Schley Content, LLC

CTAM Business Services Council Meeting

April 25, 2017

Recent Meeting Key Take-Aways:
  • Enterprises are more concerned with consuming services from a single provider than price giving MSOs an opportunity to become a one-stop shop for business customers.
  • Providing SMB or other customers with services once inaccessible to them (e.g. video surveillance and data to SMBs) provides a competitive advantage over other B2B companies.
  • Customers expect a unique brand experience specific to them – companies need to address each individual as an individual.
  • Programmatic media (leveraging real-time learning and personal data to customize experiences) is an automatic way to create personal journeys through machine learning.
  • With recent Google changes to search engine marketing ads, brands must be relevant, have perfect ads, and for branded searches, keep the message simple.
  • Companies succeed when they have easy to understand and better solutions for the market.
  • The future enterprise network is based on the backbone of digital transformation including wireless as a primary access method, cloud-based infrastructure, analytics & AI inform networking management, and natively embedded security.
B2B Marketing Spotlight – Digital Media




Adam Gilbert
Director, Communications Design


Joseph McConnellogue
SVP, Search & Social


Enterprise WAN Networking Transformation – Analyst View




Mark Winther
Group VP, Telecom



Enterprise ICT Market - AMDOCS




Hillel Geiger
Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise







CTAM Business Services Council End-Of-Year Meeting


Recent Meeting Key Take-Aways:
  • Cable has a tremendous opportunity to change and disrupt the current dynamic by creating a better suite of solutions and value proposition to large enterprises. The key is to design, build, implement, and manage custom networks for large enterprises, as well as provide a flexible billing system that allows them to organize effectively.
  • CTAM’s B2B lead management servability portal launched in October and is currently generating an average of 625+ leads per month without promotion of the site. Digital marketing and work with individual MSOs to push leads into the tool will begin in Q1 2017 to help drive more traffic.

  • To help provide an entire solution suite to service enterprise companies, Kyrio/CableLabs is focusing on serviceability (to identify potential partners), order management (to initiate order for services and provide status updates through service activation), and service assurance (exchanging trouble tickets and exposing service performance and fault data to service delivery partners). 

  • With estimates of the managed services opportunity within the US topping $70B, timing to enter the enterprise market is strong as it is currently underserved by traditional solutions, and incumbents are taking their eye off the wireline business.  

  • Today, innovative customer experiences are a key focus among services providers with automation and approaches such as NFV, SDN and cloud services helping to create these experiences. 

  • Consumers are looking for services that provide them with satisfaction, a feeling of being valued, freedom, and control.

Enterprise Executive Panel


Glenn Katz
VP & GM, Enterprise
Solutions, Managed Services
Comcast Corporation


Mike Ocuto
Vice President of Sales, Lightpath


Hyman Sukiennik
VP Eastern Division Sales & Operations
Cox Business


Richard Twilley
Group VP, Enterprise Sales
Time Warner Cable Business Class


Moderator: Stewart Schley
Steward Schley Content, LLC


CableLabs 2.0 Update


Paul Fonte
Program Manager
CableLabs / Kyrio


B2B Public Facing Portal Update - Demo


Sean McKenzie
Vice President
TK Interactive


Cable Market Analysis Update


Geetha Ranganathan
Vice President
TK Interactive


Cisco Supplier Update


Eric Weller
Business Development Manager


Industry Positioning


Anne Cowan
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications