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2021 Honorees

At CTAM Think on Nov. 4, 2021, industry colleagues honored this year’s winners. Join us in congratulating all the 2021 honorees for their impactful industry changing contributions by posting a comment below.

Rob Stoddard

Beacon Award

Steve Gorman
Cox Business

Business Services

Chris Hebbard
Spectrum Business

Business Services

Tony Maldonado
Cox Business

Customer Retention

Alfred Perry
AMC Networks, Inc.


The CTAM Beacon Award is given in recognition of a communications leader who exemplifies success in the discipline, demonstrates innovative thinking, supports corporate positioning and growth, and inspires excellence in others.

Rob Stoddard

NCTA – The Internet &Television Association

Rob Stoddard

SVP, Communications & Public Affairs
NCTA – The Internet &Television Association

Influencing substantive discussion and recommendations for complex metadata management processes

Industry Contribution

Rob Stoddard is an extraordinary communications executive, a mentor and trusted ally to many in our business; his insights and guidance helped cultivate opportunities during challenging times and foster collaboration within our industry to ultimately achieve greater success.

Rob oversees the NCTA’s member relations efforts and industry-wide public affairs programs, and he helps manage NCTA’s relationships with other cable industry associations and societies. Before joining NCTA, he served as chief communications officer for a variety of major cable companies, including AT&T Broadband, MediaOne, and Continental Cablevision.


“Rob, congratulations on this well-deserved honor! From the days of analog cable to the invention of broadband and the pending 10G future, you’ve had a front row seat to the tremendous growth and innovation that the cable industry has experienced. Some would say that makes you old, but I call it seasoned! Once again, congratulations on your storied and successful career.”

Brian Dietz, SVP, Strategic Communications, NCTA
Congratulatory Videos

Peter Kiley
VP, Affiliate Relations & Communications

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The CTAM TAMI Award honors individuals for their leadership in addressing business challenges and creating opportunities for members to achieve greater impact by working together.​

Business Services

Ensuring cable’s leading position in the Indirect Channel

Steve Gorman

Cox Business

Steve Gorman

Channel Marketing Manager
Cox Business

Ensuring cable’s leading position in the Indirect Channel

Industry Contribution

Steve Gorman recognizes exceptional leadership in important industry projects and has been instrumental to CTAM’s progress and success relative to Business Services initiatives, specifically in the Indirect Channel Working Group. Steve consistently provides impactful contributions and helps lead the groups collaborative efforts with other MSOs and partners ensuring cables leading position in the Indirect Channel.

As Channel Marketing Manager at Cox Business, Steven is responsible for supporting the Channel Program and Carrier Sales teams. He has the primary responsibility develop go to market strategies including branding, recruitment, sales enablement, and lead generation campaigns that directly impact sales revenue growth. Steve has over 20 years of experience in marketing leadership positions across a wide array of verticals

Congratulatory Videos

John Muscarella
Executive Director, National Indirect Sales Channel
Cox Business

Lisa Majdi
Executive Director of Marketing
Cox Business

Dalyn Wertz
Executive Director, Indirect Program Management & Marketing
Comcast Business

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Business Services

Expanding the success of the Indirect Channel Group and its programs.

Chris Hebbard

Spectrum Business

Chris Hebbard

Sr. Marketing Manager
Spectrum Business

Creating new marketing communications, training and partner programs

Industry Contribution

A driving force behind the success of the Indirect Channel Group, Chris’s unyielding push to grow the Channel program leads to successful collaboration among all the MSOs. Chris and his team continue to challenge previous goals, consistently adding creative new marketing communications, training and partner programs while helping to grow cable’s success in the Indirect Channel.

Chris Hebbard leads Marketing strategy for Spectrum Business’ Strategic Sales channels, comprised of Indirect, Reseller and National Accounts segments. Chris is responsible for developing and executing Spectrum’s go to market strategy through branding, lead generation and sales enablement. With 15+ years of experience in cable, his experience in partner marketing drives revenue through the creation of new opportunities and strengthening relationships.

Congratulatory Videos

Amy Kim
Senior Director of Marketing
Spectrum Business

Dalyn Wertz
Executive Director, Indirect Program Management & Marketing
Comcast Business

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Customer Retention

Optimizing the customer lifecycle and developing retention programs to maintain and grow subscriptions

Tony Maldonado

Cox Communications

Tony Maldonado

Vice President of Consumer Marketing Strategy
Cox Communications

Development of valuable retention insights, discussion and best practices

Industry Contribution

A bedrock for the industry’s retention best practices efforts since the group’s founding in 2014, Tony’s insights, clear findings and thoughtful questions help others assess the applicability of programs and practices for their own companies. Tony proactively offers topics of interest that help focus CTAM’s work, generating valuable discussion and insights.  He contributes his time and talents shaping agendas and joint initiatives.  He is always willing to share best practices, both successes and hard lessons learned.  Tony has been a CTAM stalwart since 1996 fueling efforts ranging from the early days of the Mover Marketing program to the founding of the Marketing Sciences Working Group.

Tony manages the Cox residential business through the full customer lifecycle from new customer acquisition and onboarding through customer base management and retention in order to maximize enterprise customer lifetime value. Over his 21-year career at Cox, he has also led marketing sciences, Cox business marketing, marketing communications, brand marketing and multi-cultural marketing all at the enterprise level.

“Tony’s mantra is “retention is a team sport” and that every employee and functional team plays a part in retention.  He helps share that every customer interaction or touch point either adds or detracts from a customers’ loyalty.  This sensibility combined with keen data driven approach to retention understanding and decision making makes him a fantastic leader.”

Jodi Muller-Stotser, Executive Director, Retention Strategy, Cox

“Tony – congratulations on this well-deserved achievement.  You’ve done so much to move the needle when it comes to our Retention Marketing strategy and Multi-Cultural sectors of our business – not only are you helping to pave the way here at Cox, but I know you’re an industry leader that will continue to elevate us all.”

Boone Hand, VP, Retention, Cox
Congratulatory Videos

Jason Axsom
Executive Director of Lifecycle and Mover Consumer Marketing
Cox Communications

Kristine Faulkner
Vice President, Operations/New Business
Cox Business

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Leading consumer-centric efforts to address the $50B+ threat of content theft

Alfred Perry

AMC Networks, Inc.

Alfred Perry

Vice President, Intellectual Property Protection and S&P
AMC Networks, Inc.

Guiding the messaging and tone of anti-piracy education and site content on

Industry Contribution

Al has been instrumental to our progress and success relative to CTAM’s anti-piracy and password-sharing initiatives.  He provides insights and guidance to refine the messaging and tone of anti-piracy education on He is current and well-versed on piracy and password sharing news, often providing deeper background on audience intelligence findings, and regularly offers meaningful suggestions to improve site content and to help the working group relate news to content opportunities.

Al Perry was born and raised in North Carolina but considers himself a native New Yorker. After graduating from Yale Law School, Al worked as a Wall Street lawyer and lived in NYC. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1998 and has worked at AMC Networks since 2014. At AMC, Al oversees anti-piracy, content security, S&P and content cultural sensitivity. Before Covid, he traveled the world extensively and enthusiastically.

Congratulatory Videos

Sean Ryan
VP, Digital Strategy
i.e. network

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Past TAMI Award Honorees

Password Sharing

Todd Greenbaum

Marketing and Sales

John Hays
Cox Communications

Business Services

Jennifer Ingram


Don Jones

Metadata Management

Jeff Kreger
Align Broadcasting

Company Honorees

Data Partners
Horowitz Research
HUB Entertainment Strategies


David Green
Vice President, Public Policy and Creative Content Protection

Kevin Leddy
SVP, Technoloy Planning and Application
Charter Communications

Kevin Taylor

Business Services

Mitch Lopez
Director, Channel Marketing
Spectrum Enterprise

Brett Tolbert
Comcast Business

Content Discovery

Brad Grant
Sr. Director, Content Operations & Strategy

Supplier Award

TK Interactive

Jason Axsom
Director of Mover Marketing
Cox Communications

Jim Maiella
SVP and Co-Head, Corporate Communications
AMC Networks

Lisa Majdi
Senior Director, Segment and Channel Marketing
Cox Business

Susan Mattia
Senior Director, Affiliate Marketing

Lita Vernick
Director, Program Management
Comcast Business

Rebecca Whittington
Director, North American Sourcing

Paul Wolfe
Senior Director, X1 Data Quality

Company Honoree:

Catherine Frymark
SVP, Corporate Communications
Discovery Communications, Inc.

Michael Gnojewski
Sr. Director, Marketing

Beth Harrison
Director, Advanced Services

Michael Locke
VP Retail Sales
Charter Communications

Christy Martin
Content Discovery Analyst

Ben Pyne
President, Global Distribution
Disney Media Networks

Mary Roben
Director, Product Management Video Platform
Altice USA

Mary Savery
Director of Marketing, Business Services
Cable ONE, Inc.

Dalyn Wertz
Executive Director, Indirect Channel Management
Comcast Business

Company Honoree:

Andrew Borak
Vice President, Marketing

Horia Galatanu
Sr. Product Manager
Adobe Primetime Authentication

Jen Garrett
SVP National Sales
Cox Communications

Victor Guss
Director, Advanced Services
Fox Networks

Roger Heuring
Customer Marketing Director

Amy Kim
Senior Director of Marketing
Charter/Spectrum Business

Ken Kraft
VP Marketing
Cox Business

Julius Lee
Senior Director, Affiliate Partnership Development & Operations
Disney & ESPN Media Networks

Bella Metcalf
VP, Marketing & New Products
Discovery Communications

Reece Ritter
Director, Consumer Insights
Cox Communications

Company Honoree:
Frank N. Magid Associates

Dan Baker
Sr. Director, Product Management
XFINITY at Comcast

Julya Fridman
VP, Multiplatform & Distribution Analytics
A+E Networks

Peter Grewar
Director of Sales

Steve Necessary
Vice President Video Product Development and Management
Cox Communications, Inc.

Alexandra Sewell
Vice President of Mid-Market & Enterprise Marketing
Comcast Business

Jimmy Dan Smith
Director of Marketing
Suddenlink Communications

Brian Snortheim
Director of Partner Channels and Alliances
Time Warner Cable Business Class

Mary Trepp
Vice President, Analytics and Decision Sciences
Time Warner Cable

Greg Weinstein
Vice President, Audience Development
Univision Communications, Inc.

Hub Entertainment Research
Company Honoree

2014 Honorees

Stephanie Anderson
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer Business Servic es
Time Warner Cable
Chris Defendis
Director, Domestic Network Distribution
Home Box Office, Inc.
Vito Forlenza
Sr. Director, TVE Content & Product Strategy
Tammy Franklin
Executive Vice President, Digital
Scripps Networks Interactive
Jonathan Freeland
VP, Product Marketing
Cox Communications
Tom McMillin
Suddenlink Communications
John Menendez
Vice President, Customer Retention
Suddenlink Communications
J.D. Myers
Market VP, Northern Virginia Operations
Cox Communications
Bonnie O’Donnell
Vice President, Distribution Marketing
Fox Networks
Tracy Powell
VP, Distribution Marketing
A+E Networks
Michael Quigley
VP, Business Development and Multi-Platform Distribution, Turner Broadcasting
Colleen Fahey Rush
EVP, Chief Research Officer
Viacom Media Networks
The team from
Sand Cherry and Assoicates
Ben Silverman
Sr. Director, Customer Marketing
Matt Strauss
SVP and GM, Video Services

2013 Honorees

Kenetta Bailey
EVP Chief Marketing Officer
TV One

Ed Gordon
Senior Director, Distribution & Audience Research

Skip Harris
Harris Communications

2012 Honorees

John Barker
Barker DZP

Jamia Bigalow
Senior Vice President, Distribution Marketing
Fox Cable Networks

Kathy Filosa
Vice President, Direct Marketing
Cablevision Systems, Corp

Janet Gallent
Vice President, Strategic Research

Rick Lang
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Central Division

2011 Honorees

Artie Bulgrin
Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics

Todd Cunningham
Senior Vice President, Strategic Insights and Research
MTV Networks

Michael Diamond
Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Intelligence
Time Warner Cable

David Gray
Regional Vice President
Time Warner Cable

Danielle Mintz
Vice President, Distributor Marketing and Strategy
AMC Networks

2010 Honorees

Sharon Desmond
Senior Vice President, Revenue and Business Operations

Rachel Dreyfus
ice President, Marketing Intelligence
Time Warner Cable

Joan Gillman
President, Time Warner Cable Media Sales and
Executive Vice President, Time Warner Cable

Pat Kehoe
PK Network Communications

Carla Lewis-Long
Vice President, Affiliate Distribution

Karen Ramspacher
Vice President, Research and Insights

2009 Honorees

Marvin Dorson
Senior VP, Creative Services
Hallmark Channels

Colleen Fahey Rush
Executive Vice President, Strategic Insights and Research
MTV Networks

Gregg Graff
SVP, Field Operations
Insight Communications

Katie Lacey
SVP Marketing

Brad Samuels
EVP, Content Distribution, Fuse and MSG Media

Horst Stipp
SVP Strategic Insights and Innovation
NBC Universal Global Networks

2008 Honorees

Linda Finney

Paul Hockenbury

Doug Hurst
Scripps Networks

Heather McCallion
NBC Universal

Reece Ritter
Cox Communications

2007 Honorees

Daniel Fischer
Solve It Group LLC
Shawn Gannon
Playboy Entertainment Inc.
Jo Holz
NBC Universal
Laura Masse
Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel
Domenic Vivolo
Astral Television Networks

2006 Honorees

Artie Bulgrin
Steve Goldmintz
AE Feldman
Steve Leblang
FX/Fox Cable Networks

Holly Leff-Pressman
Nielsen Entertainment

Steve Schiffman
National Geographic Channel

2005 Honorees

Kim Cannon
Time Warner Cable.

David S. Charmatz
SVP, Research, Analysis, & Strategy
Starz Entertainment Group LLC

Paul S. Lenburg
Media Frontiers, Inc..

Mark Tomizawa
SMASH Advertising

Adriana Waterston
Director of Marketing
Horowitz Associates, Inc.

2004 Honorees

Tom Alexander
Vice President, Trade Marketing
Cartoon Network
Ken Fitzpatrick
Senior Vice President
Time Warner Cable
Kim Lemon
Senior Vice President
Showtime Networks
Patti Marciano
Regional Vice President, Affiliate Sales and Marketing
Fox Cable Networks
Robert Wharton and Duane Dick
Senior Partners
Sand Cherry Associates
Mark Hess
Vice President, Digital TV
Comcast Cable Communications
Sergei Kuharsky
Senior Vice President, Marketing

2003 Honorees

Andy Addis
VP Marketing and New Products
Comcast Cable Communications
Sherita Ceasar
VP and GM, SciCare Broadband Services
Robert “Bob” Davis
Managing Director
Dove Consulting
Mark S. Greenberg
EVP, Corporate Strategy and Communications
Showtime Networks
Timothy J. Larson
Director Affiliate Sales
Home Shopping Network
Chris R. Moseley
EVP Worldwide Marketing and Brand Strategy
Hallmark Channel
Michael A. Pardee
VP Research
Scripps Networks

2002 Honorees

Joe Boyle
Vice President Corporate Communications

Tim Brooks
Senior Vice President, Research
Lifetime Television

Tom Feige
President, Los Angeles Division
Time Warner Cable

Rob Goodsell
Vice President, Business Development

Roland Grybauskas
CEO & Executive Creative Director
Blue Dingo/GB

Jim Horner
Division Director of New Products
Comcast Mid-Atlantic

Lynn Rutledge
Vice President Trade Communication & Promotion
Showtime Networks

John Zamoiski
President, GEM Entertainment
The GEM Group

2001 Honorees

Jenifer Cistola
Director Network and Applied Business Development
Scientific Atlanta

Marshall Cohen
Senior Vice President
AOL Time Warner

Fontana Fitzwilson
VP Marketing Research
TV Guide Networks

Mike Hale
SVP Marketing and Business Development
Starz Encore Group

Bruce Leichtman
VP Corporate Strategy

Shauna McCaffrey
Manager Marketing and Programming
Canadian Cable TV Association

Patty McCaskill
VP Programming and Pay Per View
Charter Communications

Michael Mohamad
SVP Marketing
A&E Television Network

Larry Oliver
VP and Group Publisher
Cahners Television Group

2000 Honorees

Lou Borelli
Chairman and CEO
ISoft, Inc.

Thomas Cullen
VP Internet Services
MediaOne Internet Services

Lynne Elander
Director Product Development
Cox Communications

Christoper Lammers

Jamie McCabe
VP Worldwide PPV
Twentieth Century Fox

Thomas Michel
VP Affiliate Marketing
MTV Networks

Anthony White
SVP Marketing and Network Development
Playboy TV Networks

Debora Wilson
President and CEO
The Weather Channel

1999 Honorees

Pam Euler-Halling
SVP Marketing and Programming
Insight Communications

Barry Kresch
SVP Research & Marketing Services
Lifetime Television

Joe Lawson
VP Marketing
Bresnan Communications

Angelina Li
VP Marketing Research
Cox Communications

Julie Minor Hoffman
EVP Client Services
Grey Entertainment

Terry Rich
Rich Heritage, Inc.

Rick Sperry
Sperry & Associates

1998 Honorees

Jim Braun
Director New Product Development
Time Warner Cable

Bruce Friend
VP Worldwide Research & Planning

Pete Gatseos
VP Strategic Research
TCI Communications

Karin Henderson
EVP and Creative Director
MK Advertising Partners

Scott Kurnit
Founder and CEO
The Mining Co.

Ted Livingston
Business Development Executive

Dana Ritchie
SVP New Media Development
Disney TeleVentures

Joe Rooney
Executive Director Marketing
Cox Communications

1997 Honorees

Judi Allen
SVP Marketing
Century Communications

Peter Gulla
VP Marketing
Time Warner Cable

Brian Kelly
VP Sales & Marketing
Time Warner Cable

Carter Maguire
Turner Network Sales

Kate McEnroe
American Movie Classics

Mary Tassini
Regional Director, Sales & Marketing
Cablevision Systems

Gemma Toner
American Movie Classics

Sandy Wax
VP Research & Planning
Discovery Communications

1996 Honorees

Kate Adams
General Manager
Bell Atlantic Video

Jeff Bernstein
SVP Marketing & Programming,

Hilda Chazanovitz
VP Marketing
Viewers Choice

Lou Borrelli
Marcus Cable

Bill Goodwyn
SVP Affiliate Sales
Discovery Networks

Barry Kresch
SVP Research & Marketing

Katherine Lewis
VP Marketing
Sega Channel

1995 Honorees

Nancy Anderson
VP Pay Per View
Jones Intercable

Pete Gatseos
Director of Strategic Research

Julie Minor Hoffman
SVP/Group Management Support
Grey Entertainment & Media

Gary Knisely
Managing Director
Johnson, Smith & Knisely

Kim Lemon
VP Marketing Research
Showtime Networks

1994 Honorees

Lucy Bates
Time Warner Cable

Greg DePrez
Tele-Communications, Inc.

Barbara Greenberg

Nancy Harris
Buena Vista Home Video

Seth Morrison
US WEST Broadband and Multimedia Services

James O’Brien
Jones Intercable

1993 Honorees

John D. Clark, Jr.
Crown Media

Robert A. Maxwell
Home Box Office

Michael D. Smith
The Disney Channel

Brenda R. Stevens
Continental Cablevision

Winifred B. Wechsler
The Disney Channel

Thomas Wszalek
The Disney Channel

1992 Honorees

Jefferey Bernstein
Warner Brothers Pay TV

Thomas M. Kirkwood
NewsChannels Corporation

Eric Kisch
Warner Cable Communications

Dennis Patton
Rainbow Programming

Kathleen D. Rederscheid
Times Mirror Cable

Database Advisory Committee:
Jefferey Morris
Showtime Networks, Inc.

Todd Felker

Cate Mumford
Home Box Office

Margaret Troha
Cox Cable Communications

1991 Honorees

Tim Hanalon
Warner Cable

Eric Kisch
Warner Cable Communications

Paul Lenberg

Jeff Morris
Showtime Networks, Inc.

Tom Neville
Showtime Entertainment Television

Bill Revell
Media General Cable

1990 Honorees

Isabella Arace

Kathy Bardsley
Times Mirror

Chris Forgy
Times Mirror Cable Television

Dan Levinson
Home Box Office

Jerry Maglio
United Artists

Frank Modrak
Cox Cable

Mike Ritter
Continental Cablevision

1989 Honorees

Ron Christensen
Jones Intercable, Inc.

Lee Clayton
Bortz & Co.

Bill Doten
Home Shopping Network, Inc.

Dan Levinson
Home Box Office

Don Mathison
Media General Cable

Terry O’Connell
Warner Cable Communication

Andy Orgel
Video Jukebox Network

Margaret Troha
Cox Cable Communications


1988 Honorees

Nancy Anderson
Graff Pay-Per-View

Marshall Cohen
MTV Networks

Ajit Dalvi
Cox Cable

Rick Howe
Showtime/The Movie Channel

Ted Livingston
Continental Cablevision

Terry Rich
Heritage Communications

Sheldon Satin
Sheldon Satin Associates

Robert Townsend
NYT Cable


1987 Honorees

Susan Bishop
Johnson, Smith and Knisely

Shelley Blain
Arts & Entertainment Network

Del Heintz
Arts & Entertainment Network

Patti Kantner
American Cable Systems Corporation

Nimrod Kovacs
United Cable Television Corporation

Paul Lenburg

Margaret Richebourg
Richebourg Marketing


1986 Honorees

John K. Billock

Lee Clayton
United Cable Television

Dean Gilbert
Paragon Communications

Jack G. Heim
Showtime/The Movie Channel, Inc.

Sue Ellen Jackson
Heritage (Dallas)

Frederick (Ted) Livingston
Continental Cablevision, Inc.

John D. Reardon
MTV Networks, Inc.

Marianne Seiler
Viacom Cable


1985 Honorees

Matt Blank

C. Ron Dorchester
Prime Cable

Marty Lafferty
Turner Broadcasting

Ewan Mirylees
Warner Amex

Rod Thole
Turner Broadcasting


1984 Honorees

Char Beales
National Cable Television Association

Barry Lemieux
American Cablesystems

Alex Papagan
Colony Communications

Scott Reid
Storer Cable

Charles Townsend
United Cable Television Corporation

1983 Honorees

Edward Bennett
Viacom Communications

Marty Lafferty
Group W Cable

Terry McGuirk
Turner Broadcasting System

Bob Sieber
Turner Broadcasting System

Gary Weik
Harte-Hanks Cable Communications


1982 Honorees

David Batalsky

Bob Bedell

Susan Burch

Art Dwyer
Cox Cable

Craig Ehrlich

Charlotte Hincir
Cable Registry

Bob Mariano
CBS Cable

Alan McDonald


1981 Honorees

Bill Aubrey

Lisa Connor

Winston (Tony) Cox, Sr.
Home Box Office

Jim Faircloth

William (Bill) Fogarty
Daniels & Associates

Wayne Harris

Butch Henlay

Charlotte Hincir

Mike Jackson

Barbara Kirbach

Ken Lahey

David Lewine

Netia Lowell

Chip Morris

Mike O’Connor

Ernest (Ernie) Olson

Rick Perrone

Leonard Reinsch
Warner Amex Board of Directors

Barbara Ruger

Charles Smithgale

Past Beacon Award Winners

Leigh Woisard SVP, Public Affairs, Cox Communications received the 2020 CTAM Beacon Award for communications excellence. The award spotlights communications executives for extraordinary accomplishments, innovative thinking and inspiring excellence in others. This year’s Beacon showcases a leader who distinguished themselves by successfully navigating communications efforts during COVID-19.

“At a time when the community was struggling to adapt to life at home, Leigh quickly established new, innovative ways for Cox to effectively communicate through the crisis,” said Vicki Lins, president & CEO, CTAM. “It’s a pleasure and honor to acknowledge her extraordinary communications efforts during a time of uncertainty.”

Quentin SchafferCTAM is pleased to announce that the recipient for the 2019 CTAM Beacon Award for Communications Excellence is Quentin Schaffer, former Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications at HBO with an extraordinary 39-year tenure at the company.  The award, established by the CTAM Communications Steering Council, spotlights communications executives for extraordinary accomplishments, while exemplifying the pillars of communications and public relations excellence. The Council selected Schaffer as a bow to his impressive career, stellar expertise, professionalism and reciprocal relationship with the press that paved the way for HBO’s tremendous success.

“Quentin played a vital role establishing cable’s reputation for excellence in original programming,” said Vicki Lins, CEO, CTAM “It’s an honor to acknowledge his remarkable accomplishments in the field of communications.”

Schaffer joined HBO as a senior publicist in 1980 and rose to executive leadership where he pioneered the first premiere of a TV show in a theater with Sex and the City in 1999. As one of the originators of HBO’s Emmy campaigns, he led publicity for landmark series Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire and many more. Most recently, he helped facilitate the launch of HBO Now with Apple.

Chris LaPlaca

CTAM is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2018 CTAM Beacon Award for Communications Excellence is Chris LaPlaca, senior vice president, corporate communications, ESPN. The award, established by the CTAM Communications Steering Council, spotlights communications executives for extraordinary accomplishments, while exemplifying the pillars of communications and public relations excellence. The Council selected LaPlaca as a bow to his impressive career, spanning 38 years.

“Chris LaPlaca is just as good as it gets for our function, our industry and – most importantly – as a person, all of which make him the perfect choice for the first CTAM Beacon Award,” said Jim Maiella, SVP and co-head of corporate communications for AMC Networks. “His leadership of a dynamic team of highly achieving communicators at ESPN, across a broad array of activities and business opportunities over many years, has been remarkable. Yet, he still finds the time to be a trusted friend and ally for so many of us focused on driving results at our own companies through our shared function and expertise. We couldn’t be more pleased to present him with this well-deserved recognition.”

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