“[The CTAM] team ha[s] been instrumental in helping guide us, and the interaction with our customers (and your members) have always been what drives us.”

Eric Fogle, President / CEO, ShareTracker

Driving Collective Impact in 2021 & Beyond

From reducing the financial impact lost to piracy to stimulating viewer content discovery and retaining customers when they move households, discover how CTAM is tackling important industry initiatives by uniting leaders in media, entertainment and technology in our latest 2021 CTAM Progress Report.

Through these collaborative efforts, CTAM, and its members, continue to further enrich consumers’ connected experiences – from what they watch and how they communicate to the way they live and work.

CTAM’s Core Benefits:

  • Co-operative Marketing – directly impacting business results through programs like mover marketing, business services growth, and the TV Critics Tours
  • Strategic Collaboration – defining challenges and executing business solutions through cross-member working groups focused on piracy, password sharing, content discoverability, advanced video products and business services​.​
  • Executive Education – fostering marketing innovation by serving a variety of learning styles from in-person events to virtual webcasts or classroom courses