The Impact of Piracy

  • Piracy is estimated to cost the industry $52B by 2020.
  • Approximately 8M consumers currently have a pirating device.
  • Roughly 542M movies and TV shows (in 2017) were pirated; that number is growing.
TV Coverage from Technology Reporter Katie Linendoll

  • Fifty to sixty percent of 1M+ targeted consumers are less likely to continue viewing pirated content once exposed to anti-piracy messaging. (Source: i.e. networks)
  • Forty-four percent of pirated entertainment content is malicious software (Source: Digital Citizens Alliance, 2019)


Reduce financial impact by identifying consumer behavioral drivers and executing a hyper-targeted communications plan to inform and educate unwitting consumers on the risks of accessing pirated content including:

  • Exposing the sources who are supplying apps and devices for the delivery of pirated content; exposing their marketing methods
  • Identifying and leveraging influencers outside the ecosystem to serve as anti-piracy advocates
  • Aligning tactics with other organizations engaged in piracy mitigation and copyright infringement litigation, such as the MPAA/ACE, Digital Citizens Alliance, US Chamber of Commerce and others.

Piracy Next Steps:

  • Produce a curated platform of text, video, infographic and audio content, housed on an educational and informational microsite
  • Develop consumer messaging focused on consumers’ financial risk, data security through malware exposure, and potential legal implications
  • Execute a hyper-targeted digital campaign using the messaging/education content to those 1M+ most likely to curb their behavior
  • CTAM to provide monthly social listening reports to its members and the coalition to inform and refine the development of messaging and audience targeting

Working Group Presentations and Materials:

This section includes next steps, piracy media coverage, presentations, progress updates, key take-aways and addition insights shared from CTAM Piracy and Password Sharing working group meetings.

April 2020 Meeting

Piracy Resources
Topics and Resources:
  • Updates to consumer messaging
  • SEM results
  • February Audience Intelligence Report
  • Password sharing measurement

See the meeting notes here

November 2019 Meeting

Piracy Resources
Topics and Resources:
  • Overview of Piracy Microsite
  • October Audience Intelligence Report
  • Update on Password Sharing Risk Index

See the meeting notes here

Piracy Resources
  • Key Insights
  • Conversation Overview
  • Top Shared Stories
  • Topics of Interest
  • Piracy Audience Behavior

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June 2019 Meeting

Piracy Resources
Topics and Resources
  • Industry permitted and unpermitted use case scenarios
  • Piracy – content and distribution strategy
  • Piracy consumer behaviors and segmentation groups
  • Piracy and password sharing messaging pillars
  • Creating unified industry consumer messages
  • Working group meeting recaps and key take-aways
  • Next steps
Click here for meeting notes
Piracy Social Listening
  • State of piracy conversations across channels like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter
  • Breakdown of top stories and most shared pieces of content
  • Key insights on May trending topics
  • An analysis of people talking about Piracy and who the influencers are
  • A deep dive into the sports-piracy discussion and consumer behavior
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Password Sharing Risk Assessment
  • Overview of the industry password sharing risk index (industry baseline)
  • Customized views of this index, specific to individual programmers and MVPDs
  • TV Everywhere usage patterns used to identify password sharing behaviors
  • Risk index available to CTAM member companies this fall
Click here for full presentation
Gracenote Advanced Discovery (Gracenote, a Nielsen Company)
  • Video descriptors and personalized images built on the core Gracenote video data
  • Powering next generation discovery experiences
  • Allowing audiences to more easily find and watch content they love
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Permitted / Unpermitted Use – The Impact on TV Subscriptions
  • Consumer insights on three vexing scenarios for defining what the industry considers permitted or unpermitted use of TVE passwords in and out of home
  • Results from 1,600 consumers in a recent study and the impact on their TV subscriptions
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The CTAM Piracy and Password Sharing Working Group convenes key leaders from ACE and MPAA as well as CTAM member companies.

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