The Impact of Piracy

  • Global digital piracy costs the US film and TV industry as much as $71 billion annually (Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center, June 2019)
  • 42% of active pirates say they would use a legal means to get their content of choice, even if it costs more, if their needs were addressed (reasonable cost, convenient access, etc.) (Hub Entertainment Research, Privacy + Piracy Report – Sept. 2020)
  • 3X – the likelihood of malicious software infection among households viewing pirated entertainment (Source: Digital Citizens Alliance, May 2020)

Influencer Advocacy


Reduce financial impact by identifying consumer behavioral drivers and executing a hyper-targeted communications plan to inform and educate unwitting consumers on the risks of accessing pirated content including:

  • Exposing the sources who are supplying apps and devices for the delivery of pirated content; exposing their marketing methods
  • Identifying and leveraging influencers outside the ecosystem to serve as anti-piracy advocates
  • Aligning tactics with other organizations engaged in piracy mitigation and copyright infringement litigation, such as the MPAA/ACE, Digital Citizens Alliance, US Chamber of Commerce and others.
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Piracy Next Steps:

  • Build upon messaging focused on consumers’ financial risk, data security through malware exposure and potential legal limitations through education platform
  • Execute a hyper-targeted digital campaign using messaging and education content to curb behavior
  • Unify metrics to establish consistent reporting on the impact of piracy


Obtain piracy reports, presentations, progress updates, key take-aways and additional insights shared from CTAM Piracy and Password Sharing working group meetings.

Social Listening Audience Intelligence Monthly Reports

An overview of online social media conversations including the top shared stories for the month, topics of interest, piracy behavior updates and coverage and implications.

September 2021 Report

August 2021 Report

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Working Group Presentations

Piracy Resources

Topics and Resources:

  • Updates to consumer messaging
  • SEM results
  • February Audience Intelligence Report
  • Password sharing measurement

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The CTAM Piracy and Password Sharing Working Group convenes key leaders from these organizations as well as CTAM member companies.

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