By centralizing the latest information on industry trends and executive insights, CTAM helps provide members with knowledge to address business challenges, influence strategy and better serve the millions of consumers they reach every day.

Industry Tech Trends

Explore the latest tech trends, innovations, products and services that matter most to our business through a compilation of resources and insights from industry insiders.

  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • COVID Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Home, Office and Cities
  • UI & Voice

Media & Entertainment Trends

Discover the latest industry news, timely research and future-forward trends on sports betting, GenZ and Millennial media behavior, culturally inclusive branding and more to consider new business opportunities, influence strategy and positively impact the consumers you serve. This resource page includes media trend topics, such as:

  • A holistic pulse on the global youth (A16-24) – their voices and look at the future
  • The impact and opportunities for sports betting in media
  • Reducing the financial impact of piracy by educating consumers through video communications and messaging
  • Tapping into brand cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Discovering projections of video streaming competition and trends to come in the “streaming war”

COVID-19 Industry Insights

A compilation of consumer attitudes and perceptions towards our industry in response to COVID-19 from a body of exceptional work being conducted by several member companies. This resource page includes research and insights on:

  • Overall consumer concerns
  • Connectivity in the home
  • Connectivity in the workplace
  • TV viewership/activities
  • Key demographics impacted
  • Research reports and infographics
  • Industry news

Thinking Out Loud Podcast

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TV Everywhere

CTAM and our partners are dedicated to creating and delivering a simple and secure TV Everywhere experience. The TV Everywhere resource center includes user experience recommendations, marketing communications tools, and consumer research.

Exploring the Connected Consumer

Discover how internet connectivity is changing the way consumers engage with content, information and the world around them with this first-of-its-kind industry study.

  • Explore how early adopters are using connected technology.
  • Learn what devices end users desire and the aspirations they have for future tech.
  • Gain insight into the shift from the “Internet of Things” to the “Internet of Intelligence.”

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Additional Resources

Advanced Video Guide

A one-stop video roadmap to a glossary of key technologies – explained in plain English.

Marketing to Gen Z

Engage Generation Z with actionable marketing strategies and adapt to how they consume content through the latest Gen Z media and entertainment trends.

Member Expertise & Servcies

Learn about the services and solutions that CTAM supplier member-companies offer to our industry.