CTAM Think: The Metaverse – Successor to the Mobile Internet
Discover how brands are exploring new technologies like the metaverse to deepen consumer relationships, unlock immersive storytelling, foster passionate communities and add new revenue at CTAM Think | Nov 4 online or in-person (NYC).


About the Program

Cable Executive Management at Harvard Business School, sponsored by CTAM Educational Foundation, is a world class management development experience for high potential cable and media executives in an elite business school environment.


100% of attendees are willing to recommend this program.


97% report the program contributes significantly toward developing ideas and actions to take back to the office.

“The program exceeded my expectations. It was a thoughtful, relevant and forward-looking curriculum that was a perfect mix for executives in the cable industry.”

“The program was outstanding on so many levels (content, format, professors, networking, lodging, food). What a great week!”

“I can’t properly put into words how impactful this program was to me. Not only did the program challenge me intellectually and professionally, but elicited some strong emotions.”

2021 Virtual Course Dates: May 11 – June 10

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only profoundly affected many aspects of how global organizations operate; it has also disrupted leadership development programs at precisely the time when strong leadership is needed most.

Through both real-time and asynchronous work, the CTAM CEM program provides an all-in experience that allows executives to be fully immersed in the learning experience, connect with the world-class professors and fellow executives in deep personal conversations, and learn from the best in the field.

The program takes place over the course of five consecutive weeks and each week consists of four faculty-led sessions as well as small group work and networking opportunities. View an illustration of the schedule and additional FAQs

Managing Through Crisis

Harvard Business School created Crisis Management for Leaders, a five-program webinar series designed exclusively for HBS alumni, and as a result of our partnership, CTAM is now making it available to all members.

As business leaders are reassessing risk, shifting strategy and searching for new ways to navigate economic uncertainty, the webinar series covers:

  • COVID-19 and Risk Management Framework
  • Coping with Sudden Changes in Cash Needs and Availability
  • Structuring the Organizational Response
  • Recognizing and Managing Novel Risks in Your Supply Chain
  • Case Study: Chilean Mining Rescue and Summary

Business Impact Resource Center

Several factors are influencing consumer attitudes and perceptions about TV viewership, connectivity in the home/work, as well as general consumer concerns and how household movers are handling the pandemic. CTAM organized a compilation of research from many member companies which are fielding weekly tracking studies to keep a pulse on shifting behaviors and what it means for the industry. Scan the data here.

View more of Harvard Business School’s timely topics from managing teams and brand marketing to new rules for remote work and tips to avoid work-from-home burnout.


The curriculum is for all high-performing executives from across all disciplines in the cable and media industry, not just marketers.

Attendees will benefit from an intensive week with top Harvard Business School professors and selected industry luminaries focused on business strategy, marketing and management principles within a curriculum that’s built around detailed case study problems. It is a stimulating, demanding program that challenges minds, invigorates careers and will ready you for the next generation of challenges. ​

“The case-based methodology really allowed participants to use critical thinking with situational analysis to come to common decisions that made real business sense.”

“I would never have expected to be interested and engaged in a structured learning program for 5 days straight. I was all-in, on the edge of my chair, throughout. Spectacular instructors, perfectly organized, excellent accommodations and food.”

How to Apply

If your company is a CTAM corporate patron​, ask your human resources department or CEO about how to apply.


The co-chairs and their HBS colleagues produce a curriculum that is a world class management development experience for the high potential senior level executives in an elite business school environment.

“The caliber of the professors and case study methodology were engaging and enabled a new level of thinking.”

Bharat Anand

Henry R. Byers Professor
Business Administration
Harvard Business School

Bharat Anand

Bharat’s current research examines competition in information goods services, with a primary focus on media and entertainment.

Meet Bharat Anand

Rajiv Lal

Stanley Roth, Sr. Professor
of Retailing
Harvard Business School

Rajiv Lal

Rajiv’s work on the use of the Internet by retailers calls into question the conventional wisdom about the effect of selling via the Internet on brand loyalty and brand equity.

Meet Rajiv Lal

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