This resource includes CTAM press releases and a selection of industry news related to current CTAM business initiatives.

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CTAM Press Releases

CTAM Expands StreamSafely Website to Canada to Help Viewers Find Safe Streaming Options
CTAM announces the expansion of its StreamSafely website in collaboration with its affiliate, CTAM Canada, to help combat content piracy and provide viewers a centralized hub to find safe streaming options.

CTAM and Common Sense Media Partner on Season’s Streamings, StreamSafely’s Ultimate Where to Watch Holiday Guide
Holiday watchlist packed with 107 fun, family-friendly fare, curated by Common Sense Media, is now available on

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Industry Headlines

TCA Press Coverage

Carol Burnett Talks “Playing Doctor” With Ricky Martin In ‘Palm Royale’—TCA
Loosely based on Juliet McDaniel’s novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie and produced by Apple Studios, Palm Royale is a true underdog story (Yahoo, 2024)

Hallmark Unveils New Star-Studded Mysteries
Hallmark announced that on March 6, Hallmark Mystery will unveil a new on-air look while maintaining its beloved cozy mysteries. (Heavy, 2024)

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Piracy News

Despite 155 Piracy Incidents in Cinemas, Pirates Suffer Worst Year Since 2012
Pirated copies of movies recorded in theaters are losing appeal among Western consumers. Exhibitors in the UK reported 155 piracy-related incidents, marking the worst year for pirates since 2012. (Torrent Freak)

An investigative piece by the Daily Dot exposed multiple apps
Digital piracy conducted by seemingly legitimate companies is a lesser-known method through which intellectual property can be unlawfully taken from its rightful owners. (Digital Dot, 2024)

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Business Services

Comcast Raises Speeds for Business Subscribers (Telecompetitor)
Comcast Business has increased speeds for its Ultimate Speed for Business service and introduced DOSCIS 4.0 technology in some areas.

T-Mobile Reportedly Close to Deal to Buy Part of UScellular (Fierce Network)
The Wall Street Journal reports that T-Mobile is in talks to buy part of the regional carrier for more than $2 billion.

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