CTAM is shifting consumer conversations about cord-cutting.


  • Educating consumers on the complexities of cord-cutting through digital influencer content
  • Amplifying Gigabit Internet and WiFi benefits
  • Engaging consumers at a key decision-making point when they search online for service information
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Consumer Education

By helping consumers gather the information they need, they’re able to make a decision on whether to cut the cord.

  • Starting the Decision Process
  • Will cord cutting save me money?
  • Simplicity Versus Control
  • Security
  • Decisions to Make When Moving

Consumer Messaging Videos

Discover more at www.smartmove.us/choice

Weighing Your Cord-Cutting Options

Cutting the Cord

The Internet You Need

Key measures of success include improvements in:


Time spent on site; video views; articles read; likes / shares


Saves and prospects referred to MSOs for retention or sales

Sentiment Analysis

NetBase social listening; change in sentiment vs. baseline