Content + Connectivity


  • Telling the story of the strength of cable broadband
  • Spreading the word about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and reaching the rural audience
  • Raising mobile awareness and mobile + broadband convergence

CTAM Broadband Adoption Study

Discover which demographic groups are gravitating towards cable broadband service during COVID, what they’re using the service for, and how to retain these coveted additions post-crisis in the new CTAM Broadband Adoption Study.

*Full study available to CTAM members.

  • Demo Breakdown of New Cable Connects
  • New Pandemic-Related Needs
  • Retention & Acquisition Strategies
  • Understanding Post-Pandemic Needs
Father and sun watching TV

Consumer Education

By helping consumers gather the information they need, they’re able to make a decision on whether to cut the cord.

  • Starting the Decision Process
  • Will cord cutting save me money?
  • Simplicity Versus Control
  • Security
  • Decisions to Make When Moving

Consumer Messaging Videos

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Weighing Your Cord-Cutting Options

Cutting the Cord

The Internet You Need

Key measures of success include improvements in:


Time spent on site; video views; articles read; likes / shares


Saves and prospects referred to MSOs for retention or sales

Sentiment Analysis

Social listening; change in sentiment vs. baseline