Youtube’s Advantage: From Sports Strategy to Marketplace Ambitions

YouTube has groundbreaking success in the industry with audiences watching more hours of YouTube than any other streaming service. With endless content available and an impressive personalization system, discover from the VP of YouTube, its broader ambitions and strategies that make it a top platform for reaching new audiences. CTAM Think, Nov. 2 – NYC.

The evolution of technology is changing the way consumers engage with content. In this podcast series, CTAM’s Vicki Lins hosts conversations with today’s media and entertainment leaders exploring various perspectives on strategy, creativity and marketing innovation.

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    Latest Episode: Episode #47: Influencers Unleashed: Elevating Television Content and Brand Partnerships

    Get ready for a fascinating exploration of the intersection between influencers, television, brands, and technology that’s shaping the future of entertainment. In this thought-provoking episode, host Vicki Lins and guests Jonathan Chanti and Paul Telner dive into how Viral Nation harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to protect both content creators and the brands they represent. And discover how influencers lend their unique perspectives, authenticity, and relatability to television content, breathing new life into traditional formats.

    Guests: Jonathan Chanti, Chief Growth Officer of Viral Nation Group & President of Viral Nation Talent & Paul Telner, Head of Programming, Viral Nation