CTAM Think: Changing the Goal of AI to Transform Productivity

Utilizing AI tools that stack on top of business processes create complementary advantages for CEOs and business leaders. Uncover how AI can power a productivity boom with real-life examples from Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered AI director in the upcoming CTAM Think, Nov. 2 in NYC. 

Welcome to the CTAM Digital Information Guide, a useful resource to learn about the product and service innovations that CTAM member companies offer to our industry. These partners address emerging business trends and provide strategic solutions related to industry priorities such as subscriber acquisition and retention, optimizing consumer experiences, consumer insights, and data solutions.

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Enabling video streaming services to identify and understand password sharing activity, measure the impact of applying actions, and effectively monetize subscriber behavior.


Through subscription video track services and connected intelligence, explore key industry areas including technology, consumer viewing and buying behavior, as well as title-level insights throughout SVOD platforms.


Solving the toughest challenges faced by today’s cable marketers, these cable-centric data strategies provide reliable competitive insight, dramatically improve response, and empower cable marketers to acquire and retain more video, broadband, mobile, and advanced service subscribers.


Connecting buyers and sellers in today’s media ecosystem through technology, data and automation that helps achieve advertising goals with transparency, trust and control.


Track and measure consumer insights around the convergence of technology and entertainment to measure ways consumers discover, choose and consume entertainment content.


A leading provider of consumer market research specializing in consumers and their relationships to media, content and technology with a particular interest in cultural and generational insights.


Leverage the data and creativity to drive strategic answers through an iterative research process that combines both syndicated and custom research with deep industry expertise.


Utilizing smart authentication to differentiate trusted users from cyber threats in near real-time to enable quick decision-making across customer interactions and decision flow.


Informing media clients though a research-based growth strategy to optimize decision-making strategies in product development, programming, marketing distribution, and monetization efforts.


Shaping the world’s media and content as a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics.


Developing custom tools and applications that fuel lead generation, identify “move” prospects, and automate the fulfillment and distribution of cross-channel marketing communications.


Through our acquisitions and technology investments, TransUnion has developed innovative solutions that extend beyond the strong foundation in core credit into areas such as marketing, fraud, risk and advanced analytics.