Through a compilation of the latest industry trends and newest media initiatives, this resource provides members with timely knowledge and future-forward thinking to consider new business opportunities, influence strategy and positively impact the consumers they serve.

Artificial Intelligence

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that can produce storylines and scripts to crafting accurate personalization features and innovative tools for data security, discover how the industry is incorporating AI.

Content Piracy

See the collective efforts reducing the financial impact of content piracy and how the industry’s only consumer education resource informs about the risks of accessing sports, movies and TV shows from illegitimate sources.

The State of Gen Z

Get a holistic pulse on Gen Z regarding their current and future outlook regarding media, entertainment, social issues, mental health, finance, the environment, politics, aspirations and more.

Video Streaming & Consumer Trends

Discover current video streaming trends, consumer behaviors, and competition amongst OTT, SVOD and other DTC services to uncover what might come next in the streaming “wars.”