49% of TV content viewers say they find it hard to know what shows are on which streaming services, and 44% say they often have a hard time finding something to watch at all. *

*Horowitz State of Pay TV, OTT and SVOD 2021

CTAM is leading brand exposure opportunities to attract viewers through three core initiatives:

CTAM SmartMove

Digital campaign reaches consumers at a key decision-making point when they move households. Sophisticated targeting of fans promotes program content from members in digital display creative with engagement data at no extra cost.


TV Critics Tour

Bi-annual forum assembles 250+ influential writers to boost coverage of program content saving members an average of $10k per tour.

Girl Listening to Music

Metadata Management

Ensures search, recommendation and discovery results through enriched descriptors, key images and nuanced content profiles. Better program suggestions and search make for increased customer satisfaction.

The Complex Metadata Journey

A first-of-its-kind visualization of the metadata pathway communicates a better understanding of the process.

These illustrations are designed to influence consistent metadata management practices across platforms and potentially stimulate process efficiencies.

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Metadata Path from Publisher to Viewer
Example 1: First-run TV Series on Current Generation STB
Example 2: Syndicated TV Series with EST on Current Generation STB

News Metadata Best Practices

News and breaking news impose accelerated work flows for metadata management and these best practices provide guidance for news series and specials. Contributed by subject matter experts from Charter, Comcast, Fox, NBCU, and WarnerMedia.

Metadata Best Practices for Multi-Network Simulcast and Links Between Related Specials

A working group comprised of subject matter experts from Comcast, Charter, Fox, NBCU, WarnerBros. Discovery outline procedures for major events and simulcasts. Additionally, Gracenote diagrams the automation process and other important delivery guidelines.