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2021 Gaming Trends to Watch

Navigate the billion-dollar gaming industry with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities it provides for broadband, TV and film including the monetizing of IP in the gaming marketplace, usage data and gaming’s cultural impact on the entertainment industry.

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The Evolution of Video Branding

Discover strategies that the top players across the TV ecosystem employ to compete for consumers’ time and attention, and how public awareness and perceptions of these companies impact consumer choices from Hub Entertainment Research’s latest findings.

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What we do.

Strengthen the Business

Mitigate Piracy & Password Sharing

Amplify Broadband Value

Improve Consumer Content Discovery

Battling Piracy

Leading the efforts to address the $50B+ threat of content piracy and consumers’ security risk.

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Cord Cutting Migration

Gig Speed Amplification

Shifting the consumer conversation about cord-cutting and amplifying Gigabit Internet benefits.

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“Thinking Out Loud” Podcast

Episode 34

The Evolution of Video Branding

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Episode 33

How Content Providers Grow and Scale Their Audiences on the Roku Platform

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Episode 32

The Podcast Renaissance

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