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“Thinking Out Loud” Podcast

Episode 20

Balancing Relevancy and Integrity Within the Framework of Creating Compelling, Captivating and Entertaining Content

In the dynamic world of television, the ability for brands to balance between relevancy and integrity within the framework of creating compelling, captivating and entertaining content can be challenging. In this episode of Thinking Out Loud, Vicki Lins sits down with Courteney Monroe, President of National Geographic Global Television Networks to discuss how National Geographic continues to satisfy consumers and advertisers while maintaining its status as the world’s leading destination for premium, factual storytelling.

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Episode 19

What’s Driving The Success of Unscripted Programming?

Dan Cesareo, founder of Big Fish Entertainment, a leading production company has created a host of successful unscripted programs. Most notably Live PD, which has hit a high of 2.4 million live viewers garnering A&E the lead among adults 25-to-54. Continuing to feed the consumer’s appetite for unscripted programming, A&E and Big Fish Entertainment are set to launch a new canine competition series that promises to appeal to a built-in fan base of 48million+ dog-loving households in late 2019. Join our conversation as I tap into Dan’s thoughts on what’s so compelling about live television, the technology behind filming it and what’s next in the unscripted programming world.

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Episode 18

Content Remains King But Multiple Consumer Touchpoints Are The Keys To The Kingdom

Guest Brett Weitz, general manager of TBS, TNT & truTV oversees the creative development for these now WarnerMedia networks. In this episode, he discusses taking risks to give audiences unexpected and exceptional programming, the importance of fostering the creative process, his strategy for rising above the crowded landscape and the necessity of creating multiple and unique touchpoints for consumers.

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