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Over 50% of Households Use FAST . . .

with 29% tuning in each week to this free ad-supporting streaming service. As FAST channels impact linear TV viewership decline, discover shifting strategies for using FAST distribution to reach digital viewers for program promotion and increase content licensing revenue in the upcoming CTAM Wired Webcast.

CTAM Wired Webcast: FAST – Eroding Pay TV Engagement
Feb. 2, 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. ET

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What we do.

Strengthen the Business

Mitigate Piracy & Password Sharing

Amplify Broadband Value

Improve Consumer Content Discovery

Battling Piracy

Leading the efforts to address the $50B+ threat of content piracy and consumers’ security risk.

Cord Cutting Migration

Gig Speed Amplification

Communicating broadband superiority for powering connected lifestyles and helping consumers make smart choices when considering streaming and other content choices.

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