CTAM is driving double-digit customer growth and establishing cable as a national, reliable telecommunications partner.

Gain insights on the impact of COVID-19 on commercial services including connectivity in the workplace and consumer attitudes and perceptions towards our industry.

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  • Generate local and national business leads for service providers through digital partnerships and via CTAM’s BusinessServicesConnect.com portal.
  • Magnify cable’s exclusive advantages to Smart City developers by defining business solutions and tech capabilities.
  • Create best-in-class indirect and partner programs through unified messaging and collective management of MSO and partner events.
  • Drive customer growth by establishing best practices for exceptional consumer experiences for SMB, Mid-market and Enterprise customers.

2020 Webcast Meetings

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June 3, 2020

CTAM Business Services Webcast: The Latest News About the SMB Economy

Presented by Equifax/PayNet


Adam White
Adam WhiteDirector, Product Support
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May 20, 2020

Topics include:

  • Reshaping government service delivery
  • Altering the government workplace
  • Changing the delivery of education
  • Impacting technology needs, concerns and spending for the government and education verticals

Mid-Year Webcast: What Does the Next Normal Look Like in a Commercial Services Environment?


Joe Morris


Joe Morris

Director of Market Intelligence

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March 18, 2020

Topics Included:

  • Small business technology needs
  • Artificial intelligence in digital marketing
  • Understanding vertical needs to service calls and customer teams
  • An inside analytical view of cable’s greatest revenue opportunities among mid-size and enterprise businesses
  • Snapshot of the competition and challenges the industry faces on a global scale

Key Take-Aways:

  • For SMBs, local partners and supporting our customers will be key in the coming months
  • Communications convergence – positioning to win in a consolidated wired and wireless world
  • Challenging times brings out the best in us, as the real opportunity exists with connectivity

Kick-off Webcast: Targeting the SMB and Enterprise Market Segments


Jonathan Chaplin

New Street Research

Jonathan Chaplin

Managing Partner
New Street Research

Revealing enterprise market transformation and the greatest revenue opportunities for our industry

Jennifer Ingram

Spectrum Business

Jennifer Ingram

Vice President, SMB Marketing
Spectrum Business

Informing SMB market strategies, products and offers throughout various business verticals

Mary Savery

Sparklight Business

Mary Savery

Director, Marketing
Sparklight Business

Uncovering unmet technology needs among small business owners

Robert McFarland

Cox Business

Robert McFarland

Executive Director, SMB Marketing
Cox Business

Best practices in digital marketing using artificial intelligence to optimize reach to small businesses

CTAM Wired Webcast:
Smart Cities Highlights from CES

Straight from CES, all the latest on smart cities and the integration of smart mobility for cities throughout the U.S.

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Hispanic Businesses: $600 Billion and Rising

More than 4 million U.S. Hispanic businesses are outpacing the broader market in terms of business creation, job contributions and revenue growth. Discover how cable’s helping their mission for growth.

English | Spanish

  • Delivered 18k leads (local + national businesses) to providers at an average cost of $18 per
  • Digital marketing program delivered 2.4k leads at an average CPL of $76, thru social (Facebook) and SEM

Smart Cities

  • Defining the tech Smart City and revealing how service providers offer advantages
  • Outlining the technical smart city, as well as revealing how cable service providers offer immediate advantages and solutions to Smart City development

Smart Cities: Delivering Advantages for the Smart City​

1Q 2019

Through a simplified look at the four technical architecture layers of a smart city, this in-depth analysis portrays how cable service providers offer unique advantages to Smart City development, as well as business examples for the delivery of Smart City solutions.

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Smart Cities: The Technology Promise of the Smart City

4Q 2018

As city department heads and elected officials explore the requirements for emerging smart cities, discover the necessary framework of the technological architecture, so your company can prepare to meet these requirements.

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Smart Cities: Outlining the Opportunity

3Q 2018

Smart cities aren’t the way of the future, but are here today. Discover how these cities tap into connectivity, intelligence and interactivity to support and service the new urban challenges and opportunities for the 21st century.

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2019 Meetings

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Business Services End-of-Year 2019 Webcast

November 13, 2019

Discover how smart cities are using communications networks to digitally connect to the physical world, how to evolve the relationships between cable companies and municipalities, as well as examples of success stories and lessons learned.

Becoming future-ready and what’s next as it relates to

  • Privacy
  • Work
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging Technologies

Additional 2019 Meetings

Keynote Session

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SMB Panel

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Smart Cities Panel

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