CTAM is driving double-digit customer growth and establishing cable as a national, reliable telecommunications partner.

Business Services Council Chair

Kathryn Mahajuodeen
Kathryn MahajuodeenSr Director, SMB Acquisition Marketing
Comcast Business


  • Generate local and national business leads for service providers through digital partnerships and via CTAM’s BusinessServicesConnect.com portal.
  • Magnify cable’s exclusive advantages to Smart City developers by defining business solutions and tech capabilities.
  • Create best-in-class indirect and partner programs through unified messaging and collective management of MSO and partner events.
  • Drive customer growth by establishing best practices for exceptional consumer experiences for SMB, Mid-market and Enterprise customers.
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An instant-locator tool for businesses to find business Internet, phone, TV and networking solution cable providers throughout the U.S. and create valuable business leads to participating MSOs.

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The Impact of COVID on B2B

As the business cycle and B2B technology, logistical and delivery needs continue to progress during COVID, innovative opportunities to convert new commercial subscribers for cable marketers emerge at each business stage. Discover through these resources, proven responses to create stronger preparedness plans and strategies for your business services customers, as well as insights on the market landscape going forward.

White Paper: Meeting Connectivity Needs, Both in the Office and at Home
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Uncover how cable can meet the technology and bandwidth needs to support the new at home workforce with solutions for connectivity, distance learning efforts and special business-grade Internet for home workers.

Research: How COVID-19 Has Transformed Businesses Forever (McKinsey & Company)
View Study Findings

Discover first-hand from business executives how COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point and the recognized importance of future digital strategies to prepare their companies for the new business and economic environment.

CTAM Resource Center: COVID’s Impact on Connectivity in the Workplace
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This curated compilation of insights provides business owners, executives and employees’ attitudes and perceptions towards our industry to help inform and influence evolving market strategies.

The SMB Marketplace

Through the sharing of business challenges and practices, ideas and learnings, solutions are created to help small businesses across the country address their business services challenges and provided effective technology solutions.

Webcast Recording: A Look at SMBs as They Emerge from the Pandemic

Equifax | June 2021

The latest updates on the SMB economy and the financial impact that COVID has had as vaccines get administered and businesses start to re-open and evolve. Also, glimpse into Equifax’s latest commercial real estate tenant risk too to help decipher the health of the commercial landscape and the impact this has on SMBs and business services.

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Business Services Connect: Lead Generation Portal

A business portal creating quality leads for new commercial service accounts particularly among the SMB marketplace.

  • Delivering 18k leads (local + national businesses) to providers at an average cost of $18 per
  • Digital marketing program delivered 2.4k leads at an average CPL of $76, thru social (Facebook) and SEM
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Multi-Cultural Businesses

As business from all backgrounds and ethnicities continue to expand across the marketplace, cable continues to help their mission for growth through customized business services, technologies and support communicated specialized, relevant and useful content targeting these multicultural audiences.

Hispanic Businesses: $600 Billion and Rising

More than 4 million U.S. Hispanic businesses are outpacing the broader market in terms of business creation, job contributions and revenue growth. Discover how cable’s helping their mission for growth.

English | Spanish

BusinessServicesConnect.com Español

Delivering Hispanic business leads and communicating cable’s commercial services to benefit their business needs with solutions across the United States.

Special Reports

Educate your staff and sales teams on what’s happening in the Business Services landscape with these special reports.

Where Telecom Meets the Cloud: A Market Analysis

It’s hardly news that cloud computing is red hot with latest forecasts seeing total end-user spending on public cloud services to grow by 20.4% this year, reaching just under $495 billion. In this market analysis with One Touch Intelligence, discover how business-telecommunications companies can participate in the upside and how to play a role in the cloud revolution.

Multi-Gigabit Business Internet: A Competitive View

In a flurry of work country-wide, telecom providers are undertaking expensive upgrades to harness the performance of fiber networks. Discover more on what buildouts they are taking in multi-gigabit business Internet services and how far, and how fast, the business-fiber revolution will take hold in CTAM’s latest report with One Touch Intelligence.

Fixed Wireless Internet: Assessing the B2B Threat

Fixed wireless access (FWA) has emerged as a viable alternative to wireline Internet services, which previously dominated the U.S. small and medium business marketplace. Discover how the onset of the 5G era has led top companies to expand across large footprints, targeting not just residential Internet users, but business owners, while also gaining a deep analysis on the strategic insights, competitive landscape and market impact in CTAM’s latest report with One Touch Intelligence.

Hotel Video: Changing Expectations, Competitive Advantages

Discover in CTAM’s latest Hotel Services special report*, in partnership with One Intelligence, the acceleration and shifts in hotel technology and in-room entertainment needs caused the pandemic and what cable can offer for this rising tide of digital services and expectations.

The Network Buildout Boom

CTAM’s latest Networking Buildout Special Report, in partnership with One Intelligence, reviews the changing U.S. telecommunications environment, as the intensifying pressure on cable business-services providers continues, resulting from deeper fiber network buildouts, the rise of fixed wireless Internet technologies, and a surge of investment capital that’s backing both.

Distance Learning & Digital Divide Battle Card 

More than 15 million public school students did not have access to either an Internet connection at home or a device adequate for distance learning, and roughly 9 million of those lacked both a device and a suitable connection at home. With the pandemic highlighting the “digital divide” in both K-12 and higher education, discover with this Distance Learning & Digital Divide Battle Card how your sales teams can utilize the billions in federal funding to address it with campus leaders ready to act.

SDN: Surveying the Competitive Landscape

In Collaboration with One Touch Intelligence

With the accelerating momentum and revenue opportunities of SDN in the marketplace, major competitors to U.S. cable companies are deeply invested in these technologies, service sets, and alliances with software developers that are designed to bring advanced networking solutions to the forefront. Discover in CTAM’s latest SDN special report, in partnership with One Intelligence, how SDN currently pays off for competing telcos, as well as the investment cable companies are making to advance this instrumental component of business services offerings.

5G for Business: One Technology, Three Flavors of Competition

In Collaboration with One Touch Intelligence

Wireless carriers are bringing 5G to bear in several ways when it comes to the business marketplace mandating the need to keep tabs on how the large carriers are positioning and promoting these fixed wireless services. Demystify 5G for your business with this special report which presents each of the three use cases and reviews what major wireless carriers are doing within each of these realms.

Business Services In the News

Network Operators Focus on Energy Savings as Costs Soar (Light Reading)

Vehicle fleet is the biggest source of operators’ direct carbon emissions, with some saying it accounts for 52% of scope 1 emissions. Discover how energy conservation is top of mind for operators and what they are doing to help cut costs and global warming.

Lumen Tops US Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard (Light Reading)

In an increasingly competitive market, Lumen Technologies ranks first in Vertical Systems Group’s mid-year US Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard. However, as market demand increases for Ethernet services ranging up to 100+ Gbit/s, customers that need higher bandwidth connectivity are looking into alternatives to Ethernet, such as wavelength and dark fiber services.

SpaceX Rebuts Viastat’s ‘Misguided Campaign’ Against Starlink’s RDOF Wins (Light Reading)

In a rebuttal to Viasat’s dispute with SpaceX’s Starlink, SpaceX described Viasat’s comments to the FCC as a “misguided campaign” to insert itself in the Commission staff’s review of Starlink’s long-form application for RDOF.

Google Fiber to tangle with Cox and Lumen in Arizona (Light Reading)

Google Fiber is set to add a portion of another US state to its fiber footprint. The Mesa city council in Arizona has approved a development agreement to bring a data center to the area, setting up Mesa to become the first city in the state to get broadband services from Google Fiber.

Nextlink Plugs the Power of 6GHz for Fixed Wireless Access (Light Reading)

While Nextlink Internet has been able to push gigabit-level speeds over fixed wireless access (FWA) in a limited fashion, discover how they are now looking to scale up and expand that capability by tapping into fresh spectrum in the 6GHz band.

‘Fiber Islands’ Surface Among Cable Ops (Light Reading)

As company Harmonic seeks out fiber-focused deployments of CableOS, its virtualized cable modem termination system (vCMTS), they are seeing deployments of targeted fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks among various cable operators in greenfields, as well as in certain brownfield areas where hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks already exist.

Do 5G Providers Need to Own a Fiber Network Too? (Light Reading)

While some of the nation’s biggest 5G mobile network operators own extensive fiber holdings around the country, and argue that such ownership is critical to their long-term success, others are building extensive 5G mobile networks without owning any fiber whatsoever. Gain inside analytical knowledge into this important topic.

Suddenlink Rebranding ‘Optimum’ Amid Fiber Upgrades (Light Reading)

Altice USA has pulled the trigger on a decision to rebrand its rural-facing Suddenlink footprint under the company’s soon-to-be all-encompassing “Optimum” brand, which was revealed in concert with a broader “Let’s Reconnect” consumer campaign focusing on customer experience and customer service.

Charter Offers $1,500 Worth of Free TV Ads (Light Reading)

Companies can get $1,500 worth of free ads on Spectrum Reach when they subscribe to any of Charter’s mobile, internet, voice or video services in most markets. The offer, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, includes campaign customization assistance.

NTIA Doles Out $277M in Broadband Infrastructure Grants (Fierce Telecom)

NTIA handed out a total of $277.2 million for projects which will connect more than 133,000 households across 12 states and Guam. Most of these will focus on providing last mile connectivity, though two will also include middle mile work.

Charter to Ratchet Up DOCSIS Upstream Upgrades, Rural Fiber Buildouts in 2022 (Light Reading)

Charter Communications has allocated about $1 billion this year to fund its array of rural construction projects, including unserved areas that will benefit from the operator’s take in the first Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction.

North American Service Provides Take on Cloud, Fast Fiber and Edge Investments (Light Reading)

As the telecommunications industry lurches into 2022, there are several ongoing trends for service providers that could come to the fore as 5G investments are expanded, edge computing applications arrive and the battle for broadband subscribers takes an interesting turn.

CableLabs Helps Take Wi-Fi 6E to the Test (Light Reading)

With Wi-Fi 6E considered a technology prime for adoption by cable operators, discover how CableLabs, as part of a trio, took the new technology through its paces in a field test that delivered speeds in excess of 1 Gbit/s in certain scenarios.

Comcast Business Nears Finish of $28M, 4-State Upgrade (FierceTelecom)

Discover how Comcast Business is completing its $28 million fiber installation across mid-Atlantic regions in order to provide 100 gigabit service to large enterprises and 1 gig to smaller businesses along with cybersecurity, business TV and 4G backup.

Charter Commits $1 Million to 2021 Spectrum Digital Education Program (Next TV/Multichannel News)

Charter Communications said it has committed $1 million to the 2021 Spectrum Digital Education grant program, supporting nonprofit organizations that educate community members on the benefits of broadband.

Comcast helps enterprises secure network middles (SiliconAngle)

Discover how securing the “middle portion” of networks is the largest challenge companies face as Comcast Business Enterprise Solutions is providing enterprises with cybersecurity services, including virtual desktop infrastructures, multi-factor authentication and zero-trust architectures.

Comcast Business Ramps Enterprise Ambitions with Masergy Acquisition (Fierce Telecom)

Comcast Business inked a deal to acquire cloud and software-defined networking company Masergy, seeking to strengthen its ability to serve large enterprises with a global footprint.

Where AT&T and Verizon Failed, Comcast is Now Quietly Poised to Win (Light Reading)

AT&T and Verizon have been widely mocked for their mostly unsuccessful forays into the media and content industry. In the wake of their retreat, both companies have pledged to double down on their connectivity businesses.

Charter’s Spectrum Loan Fund Invests $1 Million in North Carolina Small Business Development (Next TV/Multichannel News)

Charter Communications said its Spectrum Community Investment Loan Fund will invest $1 million in a North Carolina non-profit that helps small businesses in the state.

Most Senate Dems Ask FCC to Allow Remote E-Rate Funds (Next TV/Multichannel News)

Many Senate Democrats urged the Federal Communications Commission to let E-rate broadband subsidies be used for remote learning. The group of 37 lawmakers cited President Joe Biden’s order “to increase connectivity options for students lacking reliable home broadband.”

Sparklight Ignites Optimal Service for Businesses (FierceTelecom)

Sparklight Business has rolled out optical wavelength connectivity for medium- and large-sized companies in the 21 states where it has markets. The service is based on fiber and supports speeds between 10 and 100 gigabits per second.

Comcast Business Taps Cisco Meraki for Remote Workers (Telecompetitor)

Comcast Business has added Cisco Meraki to its Teleworker VPN platform, giving enterprises a central connection hub for remote workers. Companies can provide the cloud-native service at their offices or host it in Secure Gateway Service locations that Comcast manages.

Charter Invests in CTI, Takes Aim at Federal Government Market (Light Reading)

Spectrum Enterprise, the big business services unit of Charter Communications, is entering the federal government services market in a big way through a partnership and equity investment in Core Technologies (CTI).