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Consumer Trends & Implications: A 4-Part Webcast Series

This four-part series explores game-changing customer relationship models, DTC service engagement trends, and the latest lessons in gaming and the Latino streaming marketplace to grow untapped audiences and stimulate your distribution, marketing, content and advertising strategies.

Part Four, October 14, 2021

Games as a Relationship

How gaming is changing the broader entertainment landscape

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The video game business has shifted from transactions to relationships – providing valuable lessons for telecommunication operators, content creators, distributors, and others. Obtain insights on the Games as a Relationship model, the consumer attitudes and behaviors driving its success, and advice for organizations looking to level-up to relationship status.

Part Three, October 7, 2021

The State of Latinx Streaming Behaviors

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The Latinx streaming ecosystem has been exploding. Get up to speed on what Latinx/Hispanic audiences are watching, on which platforms, and on which devices to better strategize your distribution, marketing, content, and advertising strategies to engage and resonate with this valuable, entertainment-forward audience.

Part Two, September 30, 2021

Becoming an MVP (Most Valuable Provider)

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What makes a TV source indispensable to viewers vs. a “nice to have”? Discover findings from Hub’s annual survey of the providers, including streamers and DTC services that viewers consider most valuable, the qualities that make them more valuable, and the features that matter most to key segments and demographics.

Part One, September 23, 2021

Retaining Viewer Engagement in 2021 & Beyond

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As the future of TV distribution becomes more fragmented, winning the battle for viewer’s time will require knowing the factors that influence their behaviors. By quantifying the usage overlap between Cable, SVOD, and FAST distribution channels, uncover how the drivers of engagement differ from consumer on “set and forget” to households more prone to service switching.