CTAM Wired

CTAM Wired is an executive webcast series that brings experts and expertise straight to your office.​ From analysis of new technologies to subjects that shape the market, CTAM produces relevant content with one-click convenience for office or on-the-go access.

Topics Include:

  • Intelligent IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Transformation of Screens from 8K and QHD to microLED TVs
  • 5G, 10G and more
  • Smart Health
  • AR/VR/XR
  • Smart Gaming, Transportation and Robots

CTAM Wired: Curated Highlights from CES 2020

January 22, 2020 |  3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET

*Complimentary to CTAM members

Explore the latest tech trends, innovations, products and services that matter most to our business from the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show. 


Save the Date:

CTAM Wired: Conquering Content

February 19 | 3:00 p.m. ET

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The content discovery process for consumers has become more complicated: not only are there more shows that ever, but they’re also now spread across more windows and platforms. Understand how viewers discover and choose new shows, how that process has changed over time and what companies need to do to win audiences in the future.



Jennie Finerty
Jennie FinertyVice President, Qualitative Research

Jennie Finerty is Vice President, Qualitative Research based in Magid’s Los Angeles office. A trained anthropologist, Jennie utilizes a variety of qualitative techniques to reveal and understand the consumer voice in brand and product exploration, product development, brand management, marketing effectiveness, and usability testing.

She is experienced in the use of multiple methodologies, including traditional in-person focus groups, in-home and shop-along/on-site ethnographies, dial testing, one-on-one, dyad and triad interviews, and online methodologies. Her experience spans a variety of industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, television, Internet, mobile, consumer electronics, gaming, music, radio, and travel. She has worked with adults as well as children, including research in the kids’ entertainment and television spaces.

Prior to joining Magid in 2009, Jennie trained and competed with the U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Team, including an appointment to the 2008 Olympic Team Training Squad; she continues to stay involved with the sport. She graduated with honors from Santa Clara University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

Molly Ludwig
Molly LudwigSVP, Qualitative Research

Molly Ludwig, Senior Vice President, is based in Magid’s Los Angeles office. Throughout her career, Molly has honed her qualitative research techniques and consultative capabilities to become a valued partner to her clients. In her more than twenty years with the firm, Molly’s focus has been on the entertainment industry and she has developed relevant expertise in the areas of marketing and brand management, program development and execution, advertising effectiveness, user experience development, and new media adoption and consumption. Molly also has conducted extensive CPG and shopper research in grocery, beverage, and apparel categories.

Molly’s breadth and depth of experience with a wide variety of audiences provides her clients with an invaluable perspective on consumerism that is applicable to any industry. Her understanding of how people from a variety of demographic backgrounds and psychographic profiles are making decisions in different areas of their lives, and how that is relevant to the question at hand, makes her research actionable.

Prior to joining Magid in 1998, Molly received her bachelor’s degree from Tulane University, with honors in Communication and a minor in Psychology. As an alumna, Molly previously served on the Tulane Associate’s Board of Directors and currently serves on the Tulane Dean’s Council Advisory Board.

CTAM Wired: The Revolution of Voice Technology

March 3 | 12:00 p.m. ET

*Complimentary to CTAM members

Hear first-hand consumer perspectives on voice assistants from owners, new owners and potential adopters, as well as integration opportunities with existing media and entertainment subscriptions to increase consumer value and brand loyalty through Magid’s latest research.

Topics Include:

  • How owners, new owners and potential adopters optimistically envision voice assistants satisfying a range of functional and emotional needs
  • The challenges and barriers of voice technology when consumers incorporate them into their lives
  • Insights into the various connections between voice assistants and other smart devices in the home including opportunities for great efficiency
  • Integration of voice technology with existing media and entertainment subscriptions that consumers would find valuable
  • Benefits for companies to have (and grow) their presence in voice technology