CTAM Advance

Designed for all level executives who are new to the industry from entry to VP level specialists. Obtain a comprehensive overview of the industry in an interactive forum covering topics, such as:​

Topics covered Include:

  • Industry history –key milestones in the business evolution and the relevant lessons for today
  • Key players –innovators, competitors, consolidation, the broadband battleground, Wall St. and other influencers
  • Business models –how money flows and the market dynamics disrupting the business
  • Technology overview –the importance of bandwidth, the cloud and wireless transition, streamers and vMVPD technology
  • New products –emerging services and tactics that marketers employ today
  • Marketing –trends, strategies and tactics, new marketing channels, key success metrics and need-to-know industry jargon
  • Competition –media in the age of over-the-top (OTT) video and wireless
  • Regulation –federal, state and local regulation and the hot issues today
  • Guest Speaker Q&A –real world insights from a top executive


Sample Videos

Enjoy a small taste of some of the content you’ll experience during the Industry 101 course.

The Industry Players

A comprehensive look at the industry as whole which goes beyond “just cable” including the key players of MVPDs, content providers, streaming services and suppliers.

How Digital Changed Everything

Understand how digital was the biggest change for the cable industry and how embracing the Internet has opened up the door to the services we see today.

The Video Streaming Battleground

From OTT, SVOD, AVOD to PVOD, decipher the acronyms we hear everywhere today related to the video streaming environment and industry overall.

Gigabit & the Bandwidth Hogs

From virtual and augmented reality to Esports, 4K/8K, health care systems and the Internet of Things, discover who the bandwidth hogs are and how cable continues to push out higher Internet speeds.

“Information was well organized, very relevant, and explained at all the right levels.”

Executive, Comcast

“The depth of knowledge of the presenter was excellent as well as the ability to explain and translate.”

Executive, ESPN

“An overview for the cable novice.”

Executive, Charter

“Presented rather technical information in a digestible way.”

Executive, ESPN

“Gave me a good foundation to understand our industry.”

Executive, Cox

“High level overview of the industry – I finally learned how cable works!”

Course Attendee