CTAM Advance

Who will win “The Streaming Wars”?  Will 5G kill cable?  What is 10G — and why should you care?

CTAM Advance- Industry 201: What’s New and What’s Next explores these and other relevant industry topics.  A follow-up to the popular Industry 101 course, CTAM’s expert instructors explain industry jargon, technology and trends in plain English.

Designed for executives with one year of industry experience or more, this lively and interactive course will cover:

  • Video Disruption: How service providers and programmers respond to OTT challenges affecting the pay-TV model
  • New Capabilities: The latest technologies transforming TV, broadband and telecom
  • Wireless Mobility: The advantages for wireline providers going wireless
  • Data Intelligence: Enhancing viewer experiences with big data
  • Regulatory Regime: The hot issues affecting the industry’s rules of the road

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Five Forces of Change


Industry 201 Sample Videos

Enjoy a small taste of some of the content you’ll experience during the Industry 201 course.

What’s Next in
Immersive Video

Using AI as the New
Data Source for Media

Creating Complementary Services
to Video & Broadband

“It helped me finally understand the actual transformation from cable to digital.”

Executive, ESPN

“Instructor was great, informative and very engaging.”

Executive, Charter

“Presented a clear picture on how media/digesting of content is changing.”

Executive, TVOne

“The instructors’ enthusiasm and method of presentation kept the audience engaged.”

Executive, NBCUniversal