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CTAM Think 2024 Dates

Spring Meeting: April 18, 2024 | NYC

Fall Meeting: November 7, 2024 | NYC

From November 2, 2023 | NYC

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TAMI Award

Changing the Goal of AI to Transform Productivity

Erik Brynjolfsson
Stanford University

Erik Brynjolfsson

The Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Professor and Senior Fellow at the Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered AI, and Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab

Meet Erik

Don’t slow the technology, speed up human adoption by understanding it and applying the business needs for the customer. Most technologies have complemented humans rather than substitute them and Brynjolfsson explains how to change business processes to develop things that stack on top of AI, creating complementary advantages and helping business needs flourish. Understand the kinds of KPIs that CEOs should focus on, what companies should be thinking about, where investments in new skills should be made and see real-world examples of how AI complementing humans creates more value.

“Managers who use AI will replace those who do not.”
Erik Brynjolfsson, Stanford University

Streaming Ambitions

Tara Walpert Levy

Tara Walpert Levy

VP of Americas


Meet Tara

People watch more hours of YouTube on television than any other streaming service, including Netflix, with almost half of YouTube viewing on TV. Its unique scale and never-ending funnel of content exists on the world’s most powerful recommendation system, attracting other streaming platforms to rely on it for reaching new audiences.

As the fastest growing connected TV operating system that hosts more than 2.5 billion monthly active users, YouTube’s broader ambitions, sports strategy and several key advantages could position it to compete against most other aggregation platforms.

Ripple Effects

Julia Alexander
Parrot Analytics

Julia Alexander

Director of Strategy
Parrot Analytics

Meet Julia

Lucas Shaw
Bloomberg News

Lucas Shaw

Managing Editor, Media & Entertainment
Bloomberg News

Meet Lucas

Media transformation is experiencing a sea change moment. Streamer woes and existential quandaries, talent strikes causing profit delays, AI’s impending role in entertainment, and competition from tech giants Alphabet, and Meta are just a few of the burning priorities dominating C-suite decisions. Experience a candid conversation that blends data insights with a journalistic and analytical point of view about imminent threats, opportunities and what should be done to win with consumers.

CTAM Innovation Showcase

Discover eye-opening success stories and breakthrough strategies from recent real-world business challenges.

Topics Include:

The Data Battle In Customer Acquisition | Avoiding Doomscrolling to Connect with the Modern Consumer | The Marketing Evolution of Verified Credentials | Measuring Cultural Authenticity in Content | Reaching High-Value Consumers in a Hyper-Fragmented Marketplace

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