The evolution of technology is changing the way consumers engage with content. In this podcast series, CTAM’s Vicki Lins hosts conversations with today’s media and entertainment leaders exploring various perspectives on strategy, creativity and marketing innovation.

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    Latest Episode #50: Innovation Interplay: The Fusion of Tech, Content, and Partnerships in Entertainment

    Guest Kristin Dolan, CEO of AMC Networks, explores the dynamic trajectory of AMC Networks. Kristin shares her expertise in navigating the ever-changing media landscape by utilizing new technology, data, and information to engage diverse audiences through innovative distribution methods. Gain valuable perspectives on the challenges posed by content saturation and the influence of consolidation on media brands. Discover the success of the “AMC+ Picks on Max” programming experience, an impactful marketing partnership that not only commanded viewership but also fueled acquisition on AMC+. Join Kristin as she provides a sneak peek into the thrilling future of AMC Networks amid the ever-evolving media landscape.

    Guest: Kristin Dolan, CEO of AMC Networks