Business Priority Why it Matters

Strengthen subscriber acquisition for pay TV, broadband, streaming and mobile by attracting 7MM+ household movers via

Movers are twice as likely as non-movers to add or drop one or more streaming services and 70% of mobile customers switch providers in the months just before and after a household move. 1
Protect revenue by neutralizing content piracy through consumer education site Traffic to piracy websites in 2022 increased 22% with TV content representing 46.6% of pirated content, contributing to an estimated $12B in lost revenue.  And nearly 7 out of 10 become opposed to piracy after visiting 2

Grow connectivity services for small-medium businesses by generating 43K qualified business customer leads via

87% of SMBs would prefer to purchase phone and cloud communications from their broadband providerif the VoIP features met company requirements. 3
Stimulate consumer content discovery by linking to title-specific programs and where-to-watch on consumer-facing platforms,, and generating press coverage for original programming during the bi-annual TV critics press tour There are more than 817,000 unique program titles across U.S. traditional TV/streaming services as of Feb. 2022, with many featuring hundreds of individual episodes and chapters per Nielsen’s Gracenote metadata listings.
Enhance leadership thinking and individual performance through executive education resources Understanding business trends and implications inform smart go-to-market strategies and effective decisions.

1 HarrisX/CTAM Mover Study, Q2 2021 and HarrisX: Q3 2021 Movers Presentation
2 MUSO Piracy by Sector, Jan – Aug 2022 and CTAM Piracy Qualitative Study, Feb. 2022
3 Independence Research, 2021