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Insights & Advanced Analytics | Customer Acquisition and Retention | Digital & Data Solutions

DataPartners DataPartners’ marketing data solutions solve the toughest challenges faced by today’s cable marketers. Our cable-centric data strategies – developed in 20+ years serving the needs of cable marketers at every major MVPD – provide reliable competitive insight, dramatically improve response, and empower cable marketers to acquire and retain more video, broadband, mobile, and advanced service subscribers.
Be the MVPD marketing hero! Data may be the least expensive part of any marketing campaign, but it makes the most impact when it comes to campaign success or failure. Our consumer demographic and business firmographic data is custom-tailored for high-performance cable marketing campaigns.

And, DataPartners has created unique offer-specific cable marketing segments you can’t find anywhere else! Want to target consumers who subscribe to a specific wireless provider with an aggressive mobile offer? Or, prospects who use their mobile phones exclusively for all things data and telecom? We’ve got them. Need to find streamers, gamers, and other mega consumers of data for your highest speed broadband offer? We have that too! Want to drill down to prospects who stream video and refuse to subscribe to traditional cable services? We can do it. The options are endless.

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Key Contact Information
Jody Pelfrey
Chief Data Strategist

Email: jody.pelfrey@datapartners.com
Phone: 866.423.1818