Project Description

Areas of Expertise:

Cable-Centric Data Enhancements | Direct Mail Marketing | Customized Data Solutions | Consumer Acquisition and Retention


For nearly 20 years, DataPartners has provided residential and commercial marketing database solutions to the cable industry. We’re not like colossal data vendors who try to force-fit your marketing into an expensive, off-the-shelf product. In fact, we’re not a product company at all. Our focus is on the client – understanding your market, your unique challenges, and your specific goals. We then leverage our years of cable industry experience and unique cable-centric data enhancements to produce high-performance direct marketing data and customized data solutions that give MSOs the edge they need to acquire, upsell, and retain more subscribers.

Key Contact Information
Jody Pelfrey
Chief Data Strategist, DataPartners | 239.267.8762