Identifying Password Sharing with High Confidence to Optimize Revenue & Viewer Experience

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Brian Brinkmann
Brian BrinkmannSr. Product Manager, Media & Advertising Solutions

Discover the unique ability to distinguish illicit content and password sharing from legitimate usage in order to deliver better business outcomes and viewing experiences through Adobe’s Account IQ solution, which incorporates years of experience in managing TVE authentication, access to TVE data across hundreds of Adobe powered TVE apps and a proprietary AI learning model.

To receive a free, customized Account IQ report for your subscriber base providing details on your Risk Sharing Index and password sharing pattern as well as to learn more about how Account IQ can help your business identify and take action against illicit password sharing, reach out to the Primetime Account IQ team: Brian Brinkmann (

White Paper: Primetime Account IQ – Product Brochure to Identify Password

Sharing with High Confidence.
Illicit password sharing remains a growing problem, resulting in lost revenue for MVPDs and programmers, and necessitating an ongoing effort to educate their subscribers on what is permissible sharing. Discover with Primetime Account IQ how to identify account sharing with a high level of confidence to deliver better business outcomes while providing improved viewing experiences for subscribers.