From successful ROI business outcomes to identifying fraud subscription accounts, the CTAM Digital Showcase provides breakthrough solutions and strategies from numerous company and industry success stories.

Digital Showcase Topics

Protecting Against
Fraudulent Subscribers

The Next Level of Cultural Insights

The Evolution of
Video Branding

Streaming and Video Usage Patterns

Predictive Tools to Optimize ROI


The Impact of Evolving Streaming and Video Usage Patterns

Discover how to track video consumption as it evolves between commercial streaming services and user-generated videos on handsets over time. With HarrisX’s Telephia, gain insights about the growing popularity of watching video on apps like TikTok versus commercial streaming in time spent and mobile usage, especially for certain age groups.


Kam Ganguly
Sr. Director of Client Services


Beyond Demographics: The Identity Prism

In today’s complex world, typical approaches to cultural/multicultural marketing and research often don’t adequately capture the reality of America’s diverse, multifaceted, and often intersectional consumers. Through a new methodological approach to cultural research called the “Identity Prism”, go beyond demographics to consider social, cultural, economic, and other experiences and relationships that shape and influence one’s identity and thus, one’s needs, behaviors, attitudes, interests and brand affinities.


Adriana Waterston
Insights and Strategy Lead
EVP, Horowitz Research
Division of M/A/R/C Research

Hub Entertainment Research

The Evolution of Video Branding

Discover how branding of networks, providers and shows impacts what viewers choose to watch through the Evolution of Video Branding study, which not only tracks awareness of streaming services, but also which service or brand attributes have had the strongest impact on consumers’ perceptions.


Jon Giegengack
Principal and Founder
Hub Entertainment Research


Leveraging the Power of Forecasting, Simulation and Optimization to Improve Business Outcomes

To compete effectively in today’s fragmented video services market, it’s imperative to identify the most important areas to invest in that will most efficiently drive results. Discover through Magid’s KPI predictive tools how best to forecast key measures like NPS or C-Sat, as well as identify which levers to pull so you can detect risk earlier, estimate the ROI of potential investments, and optimize your business outcomes.


Tony Cardinale
SVP of Data Science