The Roaring 20s of a Subscription Economy

Rebundling of Unbundled Bundles

Approaching the new decade, consumers are often either replacing or enhancing their multichannel video subscriptions with an unprecedented level of choice from SVOD, AVOD, transactional, virtual multichannel services as well as social platforms that are transforming their video strategies.

The friction to manage multiple subscriptions and navigate across platforms is impacting the content discovery experience and may create pressure to reaggregate in new forms.


Examining the streaming wars effect on studios, content distribution, consumer acceptance and how growth will slow as the threat of competition for content and the consumer’s wallet increases.

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Analyzing the economic impact of shifting consumer media usage trends influencing subscription fatigue, contractions in DTC offerings and advantages of connectivity business models.

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Wrestling the uncertainties of a fragmented TV+ world where the playbook must grab attention, win fans, maintain media and talent relationships and attract Gen Z and millennials for the future of the business. ​

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Innovation Showcase

Discover breakthrough solutions and strategies from company success stories and proven business growth case studies.​

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Develop your customized product roadmap and marketing strategy with a 360-degree view of the connected consumer eco-system.

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Grow a distinctive brand and gain an understanding of how networks are perceived, as well as what the opportunities are in the new media—and sociopolitical—ecosystem.

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Create compelling, customizable and monetizable digital, consumer experiences by engaging viewers through artificial intelligence.

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Understand the motivations of households that combine OTT streaming products with traditional pay-TV and those most likely to be OTT only to retain subscribers most likely to cut the cord.

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Build thriving businesses around digital video services by creating reliable online access when it matters most, so when fans rave online, the discussion is about a great episode, not connectivity nightmares.

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