Topic: Customer Data to Create Hyper-Personalization & Hyper-Targeting

LexisNexis uses a proprietary linking technology in combination with our own unique identifier, LexID®, to resolve, match and manage information for more than 276 million U.S. consumer identities. This patented linking and clustering method is the machine behind many LexisNexis products that help to create a 1st Party 360° view of consumers and businesses.

  • How data is more crucial than ever in developing marketing strategies to target and maintain consumer identity
  • The pioneers in big data technology
  • The demise of third-party cookies and next steps to create a holistic view of customers and prospects
  • Creating a first-party 360-degree view focusing on consumer identity
  • Customer linking analytics beyond risk and fraud to help marketers take ownership of data and customer ID
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Key Contact Info

Hermant Deulkar
Senior Director of Market Planning focused on Consumer and B2B Marketing