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CTAM Advance: Industry 101 Course

To inquire about availability please contact info@ctam.com.

Designed for all level executives who are new to the industry from entry to VP level specialists. Obtain a comprehensive overview of the industry in an interactive forum covering topics, such as:​

  • Industry history – key milestones in the business evolution and the relevant lessons for today
  • Key players – innovators, consolidation and competition, the broadband battleground, Wall Street and other influencers
  • Technology overview – the importance of bandwidth, the cloud and wireless transition, telco, satellite, streamers and vMVPD technology
  • Marketing - trends, strategies and tactics, new marketing channels, key success metrics and need-to-know industry jargon
  • Plus additional topics covering New Products, Business Models, Regulation and Competition​


Instructor: Craig Leddy
Senior Education Advisor

This industry comes with a lot of acronyms that can sound like gobbledygook if you aren't paying attention. These acronym cheat sheets will help you get acclimated.

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CTAM Certificate Of Professional Development

CTAM's comprehensive program is designed for executives to enhance individual performance and leadership thinking to strengthen organizational success.

CTAM certificate - is earned through completion of each course.

Course programs - are modular to optimize scheduling, and expose participants to core competencies about the business of cable, broadband as well as marketing and communications trends.

Course Details

  • Instructor fee, travel, and course materials included
  • Up to three-hour curriculum with breaks
  • Serves up to 35 staff for in-person courses
  • Office space to be provided by member company
  • Course content can be customized for company events

*Please Allow A 6-Week Lead Time When Scheduling.​

Course investment starts at $7,500.

Course pricing will be adjusted based on format and timing of selected course, with package discounts available. 

Contact info@ctam.com​ to discuss options and arrange your course.​

Choose Your Format


Course content and topics are available in three formats and can add to your existing strategy session, or company event.

Need a shorter course? Choose a selection of topics from a course for a 1-hour webcast.

Industry 101

Designed for all level executives who are new to the cable industry from entry to VP level specialists. Obtain a comprehensive overview of the inner workings of the cable industry in an interactive forum.

Topics covered include:

​Acronym Cheat Sheet
Get a heads up on the course with this acronym cheat sheet – What Does That Mean?


  • Cable history - how cable evolved and the relevant lessons for today
  • Key players - cable companies, programmers, and how they stack up versus the competition
  • Business models - how money flows and the market dynamics disrupting the business
  • Technology overview - must-know basics about cable, telco, satellite and IP delivery
  • New products - emerging services and tactics that marketers employ today
  • Marketing - trends, strategies and tactics that marketers employ today
  • Competition - cable in the age of over-the-top (OTT) video
  • Regulation - how cable is regulated and the hot issues today
  • Guest Speaker Q&A - real world insights from a top executive


Instructor: Craig Leddy
Senior Education Advisor


Previous Guest Speakers

Mark Hess
SVP, Business & Industry Affairs
Christine Lubrano
SVP, Original Programming
Gary Schanman
SVP, Video Products
Charter Communications

Advanced Courses

All advanced courses are taught by Craig Leddy and feature Leslie Ellis.


Craig Leddy
Senior Education Advisor


Leslie Ellis
Author | Analyst | Speaker | Tech Advisor and Columnist – “Translation Please” for Multichannel News.

Industry 2.0: The Five Forces of Change

​Acronym Cheat Sheet 2.0
Get a heads up on the course with this acronym cheat sheet – What Does That Mean?

As the industry evolves to enable increased entertainment and connectivity, learn the Five Forces of Change that affect everyone involved. 

Designed for executives with one year of experience or more, and includes course topics, such as:

  • Broadband today - shifting dynamics of broadband growth and usage
  • Video disruption - TV everywhere, skinny bundles and OTT
  • Speed and Capability - Gigabit Internet, DOCSIS 3.0/3.1, 4K UHD, HFC vs. fiber
  • Wireless mobility - Wi-Fi and LTE opportunities and challenges
  • New regulatory regime - Title II, net neutrality and other regulations
  • Consolidation and competition - how cable stacks up in the new marketplace
  • Food for thought - open discussion about the future of the business

How Cable Goes Wireless

Discover how cable companies are taking advantage of Wi-Fi, and how content providers are experimenting with smartphones and other wireless platforms to engage consumers with their content.

Designed for executives with at least 1-2 years of cable experience, course topics include:

  • The wireless imperative - why cable must make a wireless play
  • Key technologies - hotspots, homespots, and other available technologies
  • Residential & business opportunities - new prospects for providers and programmers
  • Cable provider roadmaps - from in-home Wi-Fi to full mobile phone service
  • Challenges and threats - technical issues, competition and spectrum grabs
  • New capabilities - emerging technologies to support quality and new services
  • Risks and rewards - an exclusive analysis of potential investment return

For additional details or to customize your course(s), please contact info@ctam.com.

CTAM Advance
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