Living the Stream – Winning on Experience in a Crowded Market

Virtual event, held on April 28, 2022

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Overwhelming entertainment choices are driving strategy experimentation to attract and retain subscribers.  Discover the business traps to avoid in the streaming race and prepare for the next generation shaping the great screen age.

Featured Speakers

Ashley Fell

McCrindle Research Agency

Ashley Fell

Author, Gen Alpha Researcher & Director of Advisory

McCrindle Research

Meet Ashley Fell

Shaping the Great Screen Age: Generation Alpha

Outnumbering Baby Boomers within the next four years, Gen Alpha will become the largest generation in history and by the end of the 2020s, the oldest will be moving into adulthood, the workforce and household formation. Looking through the lens of consumer behavior for the next decade and beyond, discover how the youngest generation behind Gen Z will influence brand affinity and purchasing power as they shape the social media landscape and pop culture.

Dr. Alisa Perren

University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Alisa Perren

Associate Professor, Department of Radio-TV-Film

Co-Director for the Center for Entertainment and Media Industries

University of Texas at Austin

Meet Dr. Perren

Going with the Flow-verload: Overcoming Traps in the Streaming Era

As the industry adapts to business challenges, survey the ways to address future solutions surrounding the ongoing proliferation of distribution platforms and mounting consumer frustration over cost, as well as confusion over content availability. Drawing from her interviews with 150+ industry professionals, as well as her experience teaching students who are both avid media consumers and aspiring industry professionals, Dr. Perren outlines important topics including discoverability, consumer engagement, access, bundling and choice fatigue.

C. David Puckett

Xfinity Consumer Services

C. David Puckett

Vice President, Connectivity & Home Products

Xfinity Consumer Services

Meet C. David Puckett

Leading Innovation for Connected Lifestyles

As consumer demand grows for streaming entertainment, gaming, hybrid work, household monitoring, security and myriad everyday activities that are now considered essential, connectivity services have become as vital as oxygen and water.  Discover what’s ahead for this bustling digital revolution.

Additional Speakers and Topics

  • Acquisition Campaigns: Looking Beyond the Credit Score
    Tom Anderson – Data-Driven Marketing Solutions Leader, Equifax
  • Aggregation Drives Decisions
    Jon Giegengack – Founder and Principal, Hub Entertainment Research
  • The Latest Business Implications from Trends in the SVOD Marketplace
    Jill Rosengard Hill – Executive Vice President, Magid
  • Using Innovative Tech to Evolve Global Content Distribution
    Todd Landfried – Head Writer and Researcher, Spherex
  • Intelligent Consumer Insights for Smarter Licensing Decisions
    Michael Sid – Chief Strategy Officer, Whip Media
  • Accessing Consumers’ Psyche to Drive Brand Marketing & Messaging
    Adriana Waterston, Chief Revenue Office and Insights & Strategy Lead, Horowitz Research

Innovation Showcase

Discover breakthrough solutions and strategies from company success stories and proven business growth case studies via an array of engaging digital materials, videos and presentations revealed at CTAM Think.

Topics Include:

Acquisition Campaigns | Content Aggregation | SVOD Shifting Trends | AI & Machine Learning in Global Content Distribution | Content Licensing and Prediction | In-Home Consumption Behaviors

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